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Yah, That's Right. I'm the New Years Eve Loser

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 at 3:21pm.

A brand new year. Am I alone in feeling like New Years is the most underwhelming holiday of the year? Everybody builds it up to be this great big event, but as parents of young kids your typical options are to:

a)      Go to a party where kids are not welcome and pay through the nose for the only sitter who is left on New Years Eve. This sitter is likely to be smoker, who doesn’t speak English, and switches the TV to the Home Shopping Network within minutes of arriving at your home.

b)      Go to a party where kids are welcome. Spend the day fighting them to take a nap which they never actually take, and then bring them to the party, where they will be crabby at the stroke of 7:01. Said crabbiness will lead them to spend the rest of the evening whining, beating up on your friends’ kids, and throwing their juice on the floor in an act of defiance. Then---in their final grand act---all the candy they’ve consumed will finally make its encore and come whaling out of your kid’s mouth all over your friends’ $5000 couch. After which, your child will be totally unphased and continue running around the house like a drunken lizard. This will force you to spend your evening taking turns between following and scolding your overtired iguana, and then running to the punch and drinking until you forget the child belongs to you.

c)       Host a party. The problem with this, is that by the time you’re two or three days out from New Years, most other parents start to consider their options as well, and realize like you have (too late albeit) that their options are grim and the best of all the options is to host---just to keep your kids in a familiar environment where you know for a fact that nothing within their immediate reach on the entire main floor costs more than $20 to replace once they wipe their nose on it, shove it in their diaper, or attempt to flush it down the toilet. So all of your friends announce they are hosting a party, and now you’re forced to choose. Which is like playing social Russian Roulette! It can keep you up for hours, weighing the possibilities, and running safety diagrams of the main floors of your friends, seeing if you can afford to replace their iPad when junior barfs on it.

d)      You can acknowledge that you are a loser: you would rather sleep than sip a martini; you would rather lay in bed and watch Rob Roy with your husband, than play adult twister. You’d rather have leftovers than canapés, and above all, you somehow see that today is just a day, and tomorrow is just another day, no amount of alcohol and fancy dress can change that.

Also, midnight is really late.


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