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Why I’m Listing My Own House with a Realtor Who is Not Me

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Friday, September 12th, 2014 at 8:25am.

selling your homeI have always known that I could never list my own house and as the weeks and months have gone by leading up to D-Day, I’m more convinced than ever that I can’t do it myself. Here’s why.

House Blindness

So many homeowners think their upgrades and layout are far better and more valuable than they are. What? My giant concrete step isn’t worth the $25,000 I paid for it? Seriously, I can’t get the $5000 back for my custom built-in desk? But I special-ordered that urinal for my half bath! That was expensive!

I’m the same way, and I can admit it. What makes it even worse for me is that I know this about myself, and then proceed to undervalue everything I have, probably too much, thinking that I'm OVER-valuing, and then my evaluation is just crazy-town. Does that make sense? I need my Realtor-friend, Brad Pond, to give me an unbiased opinion, because a correct price is the single best gift you can get from your agent.

Negotiation Flubs

When I negotiate for a client, I am cool and collected, and I have time to think through a strategy to get them the highest or lowest price. Not being emotionally tied to their house, makes it easy to make clear-headed decisions. The way in which I approach every agent is different as the situation requires. Some agents require a little of this and some of that. Knowing the right way to approach my opponent is key to my negotiation strategy.

All this being said, I know that if someone came at me with an offer 5 cents below my asking, there would be a chance I would swear at them right then and there. Maybe if they understood that my child took her first steps in that living room, or that all the neighbours on the entire street are wonderful. They don’t even know that the Popcorn button on my microwave makes a perfect pop. A PERFECT POP!! Not just that, but my head is so spinning with all of my financial obligations and possession dates and moving and wrangling kids, that the negotiation strategy goes out the window. Brad will take my high-pitched screeching and translate it into a calculated counter offer.

Big Mouth McGuinty

I know from having Realtors deal with me when I am a listing agent, and from dealing with For Sale By Owners, that people have a big mouth when they’re talking on their own behalf. And people like me know exactly how to read them like a book because we negotiate for a living. We’re people readers. People who represent themselves reveal all kinds of things in their tone, their demeanor, and their attitude that they don’t even need to use words to express. There have been a few times now where I’ve put some pieces together that helped me get a really good deal for my client because the person representing themselves on the other side, revealed something they shouldn’t have.

The Hassle

I don’t want to have to field offers. I want to focus all of my energy on stuffing things in boxes, over-eating, having mini-moving-melt-downs, and hiding from the kids. I don’t think that’s too much to ask...

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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