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Why I Love My Electronic Pasta Maker

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 at 11:33am.

Electronic Pasta MakerSo while at Lina’s Italian Market trying to satisfy a random pregnancy craving, I stumbled on the most brilliant looking of all machines: an electronic pasta factory. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, imagining the possibilities of dropping flour, eggs, and EVOO into an agitator and having fresh pasta pop out the other end. Clint and I were just about to reach for it off the shelf when one of the employees came by and snatched it out from under us, telling us we were not allowed to have that LAST machine as she was already planning on buying it since this morning. That was unfortunate. We did find out that Lina had wanted $200 for the machine, which seemed steep, but I was ready to pay it, if the machine truly delivered on what it promised.

So I went home pasta machineless, but with a mission on the mind: "must acquire pasta fantasy machine in great haste." I began to tickle the keys of Google and speedily turned up the exact same machine at for $125.00, also including the Costco lifetime guarantee. "Take that Lina’s employee!"

The machine was ordered instantly, and in less than a week, on my doorstep was this lovely creature waiting for me to fulfill the wildest pasta dreams that I have held for decades.

With 6 pasta discs and a sausage attachment, this machine was sure to send my children and housework into a state of awful neglect, as I skittered about my evil laboratory kitchen making all kinds of different pastas and experimenting with drying techniques. Lightening crashed outside, and steam bubbled from my boiling pots of water and I…

OK sorry, this is getting out of hand. I really liked the machine. A lot.

So I love it because I can add my own ingredients---meaning I can choose my flour and my eggs, and I know what is going into the pasta I’m making. Pure white pasta has never sat right with me, but store bought, whole wheat tastes a bit like boiled foot, doesn’t it? Now I can make the pasta 40% whole wheat, 60% whole wheat, or 100% whole wheat if I’m looking to punish the children and husband. I also love the flavour of fresh pasta and the texture. It’s so much spongier and thus absorbs the sauce you cook with so much better. The kids LOVE the pasta maker too. That makes cooking dinner fun when I can give them a task and they feel like they’ve really contributed. It’s so easy, dump the eggs, flour, and EVOO in the top, let it mix for 5 minutes and then flick switch to extrude.

Now I have a bit of bad news because I know you’ve already opened another browser and you have costc… typed in the address bar. Costco is sold out. I know. So annoying. What’s worse, I can’t seem find it anywhere else except here on So…fight it out people.

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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