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We're Baaaaaack!!!!

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at 9:29am.

Some of my faithful readers may have noticed the gaping chasm of empty blog space over the last few weeks. The Vanderveens have been on quite an adventure recently.

Those of you who know us well, know that we have been pining for a motorhome for years and years. With this many kids, we just can’t see a cheaper or more fun way to take a vacation. Unfortunately, a motorhome is a pretty expensive investment, so we’ve been biding our time and waiting until the moment was right to strike. Then, a little more than a couple months ago, I saw a used motorhome online in Arizona. It was a 2007 model and was big enough for our enormous family of seven (soon to be eight!!!). We were able to purchase it, but of course we would have to come and pick it up.



We decided to take all of the kids with us, fly down to Phoenix and go and get it while making a little adventure of the whole thing! I managed to get all 7 of us on a flight to Phoenix for (you better sit down for this) $1017.00. No jokes. Yes, there was a lay over, and, yes, the day that we took the flight is a day that our kids will likely be discussing in therapy for many years to come, but we did our best and we got there with no one dead.

A good friend of mine made an excellent suggestion for how to get through the flight. She said we should go to the dollar store, buy a bunch of stuff, wrap it up, and let the kids unwrap one gift every hour. I totally did that. I used tissue paper to wrap it all so that I wouldn’t even have to cut the paper. Just cover and tape and, voila, I had about 24 gifts wrapped in as many minutes! This was an absolutely genius move! It probably cost us around $35 to get all the stuff from the dollar store, but the kids felt like it was Christmas all over again. It also gave us some bargaining power, and a little bit of weight to put behind our threats.

“Nilo, If you don’t stop licking the air plane seat, mama’s not going to let you have your next gift.”

It was effective.

Upon arrival, we found the motorhome to be even better than we thought it would be. We really felt free. We stayed in Arizona for a few days, and then we decided to drive to the ocean. Then we stayed there for a few days and decided to drive back to Arizona. It was a lovely time.



We have since found a few things wrong with the rig and we now have it parked on our property where we’ve been slowly fixing a few things and prepping it for May long until it will be parked in its permanent storage spot.

I recommend RVing wholeheartedly. The kids had a lovely time and so did we. We’re so looking forward to many fun adventures to come!

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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