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Tips for Painting Your House for Resale

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Friday, October 28th, 2011 at 7:50am.

Painting is always one of the things I recommend to just about every one of my sellers. Unless one’s house is 2 years old or less, and in tip-top condition, one can easily benefit from a coat of paint in a few rooms of the house before one puts it on the market.

There are three good reasons, as I see it, for springing for a couple cans of paint before you list your house. The first is the pure esthetic appeal of updating tired colours and replacing them with fresh neutrals. The second is that paint tends to hide a multitude of sin. Often times, our walls get so dingy with finger prints, scuffs, and dirt that we don’t even notice it anymore until we paint it and realize how fresh and clean it looks. Painting also forces a homeowner to fill in dents and scrapes on the wall before one picks up a brush, which further enhances the look of the interior. Lastly, painting before you sell is a good idea simply because it will add the smell of fresh paint to the home, which gives the buyer the illusion of newness and freshness.

If you’re not up to painting the entire place, than painting accent walls may be just the ticket for you. Accent walls add drama and depth to a room, and can also serve to set apart one room from another, which can add to the feeling of increased space. Choosing a colour for accent walls isn’t as simple as just picking a colour that is not the colour you already have on the walls. There is actually a proper method for choosing an accent colour. Ideally, one would have the original colour card which contains the colour already on the walls. Usually these colour cards have 5 or 6 shades on them. When choosing an accent colour, it’s important to pick a colour that is on the card, either one or two shades lighter, or one or two shades darker. Picking a colour off the card is possible, but it takes a trained eye to know which ones will go with the paint and fabrics you already have. So to be safe, try to stay on the card.

When you go to actually paint the walls, be sure to take your time and paint your edges extremely carefully. Don’t leave paint splotches on the ceiling, or running onto an unpainted wall. The job simply has to look professional. If it doesn’t, you might as well have not painted at all. Sloppy paint jobs can wreck an entire room, even if that room is already perfectly staged.

They say that painting your home before you sell is one of the best investments you can make. I’ve seen figures that estimate that you’ll get back more than 800% of what you spent on the paint in the sale price of your home. So it’s certainly worth it to get an old T-shirt and shorts and see what you can paint this weekend!

Rachel Vanderveen

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