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Tips for Buying Calgary Homes & Real Estate

Tips for buying Calgary homes & real estate.

Found 22 blog entries about Tips for Buying Calgary Homes & Real Estate.

There’s a lot of people, including myself, who are surprised by just how much of your stuff needs to get packed up before you go live on the market. Your stuff kind of just sits there around you for so long that it just kind of becomes part of the environment. Sometimes seeing what you need to remove, needs a second set of eyes. A home stager is absolutely invaluable at this time. I, myself, had to pack up nearly two thirds of my home when we listed. It was shocking. Not only how much stuff I had to pack up, but how much I needed to throw away. Ever since that move, I have tried to be ruthless in my trashing of things that really don’t need to take up space. I’ve had moderate success.

When it comes down to what needs to be decluttered, take it down to

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I could talk about lighting forever. Natural light in a home is probably one of the most saleable features you can get. This is why the beginning of this step is making sure that when you build or buy a home, you have an eye for light. You can do this by:

  • Increasing windows as big as the builder will allow
  • Choosing a good exposure for your backyard S, SW, SE, and W, and avoiding N, E, NE, and NW
  • Adding transom windows
  • Choosing a layout that maximizes light
  • When finishing your basement, double the amount of lights that you think is appropriate.

The truth is that we have become more and more indoor creatures and people generally like the feeling of a home soaked in light. So buying or building a home with great structure, helps a lot

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A Look at Real Estate Feedback for Sellers and Realtors

Every agent seems to have a differing opinion on what constitutes real estate feedback , and whether or not it’s useful. In this blog, I’d like to define true and correct feedback, and outline how it is useful to the seller and particularly to the Realtor listing the seller's property.

Feedback, in common terms, is when an agent who shows a listed property reports back to the agent who has listed the property, what they and/or their clients thought of the home.

Feedback is not an agent reporting back on whether or not their client is interested in a property or intends to buy the property. The answer to that question is obvious when the buying agent submits, or does not submit, a written

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Make the Most From Your  Calgary Home Viewing Experience

Guide to viewing Calgary homesWell, your mortgage approval is in, and your eyes are dry from hours of clicking through listings on Your hubby has placed an embargo on emailing anymore listings to him at work; it's finally time to get out there and see some places. Viewing homes is the one of the best parts of buying your Calgary home. Actually physically seeing the homes on your list sheds a ton of light on what you want, and what we’ll see next.

From time to time, I’ve heard it said among my colleagues that buyers are liars. This basically means that buyers don’t know what they want. They’ll phone you up and tell you that they want a 1911 character home in Inglewood and absolutely nothing else will do,

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Guess who loses in a market like this one? People who are downsizing. People who have a big huge expensive house and need to buy a smaller more cost-effective house. If you’re divorcing, well, I’m sorry, the news just got worse. Or, if you’re an elderly couple wanting to switch to a place with no stairs, you may want to hold off for a bit.

But everyone else? Everyone who trips over toddler shoes, steps on Legos, and dreams of a vegetable garden in the backyard, I have good news for you: it’s a fantastic time to buy a Calgary home, for a few reasons.

There's Value Out There

The first is that we’re not nose-diving on value right now. We’re just sitting in a time of uncertainty where there’s deals to be had when buying. Yah, you’re going to have to

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How to avoid a bad location when buying a home.How to Avoid Buying a Great Home in a Bad Location

Most of us know the big offenders of bad location: backing or fronting onto a road, a gas station, a power station etc. But one of the most missed bad locations is the elevation of the back of your house. This is one of the first things I’ll point out when I see it. When it comes to a bad location, there are three major no-no’s in my opinion: townhouses, walk-outs, and grading.


While townhouses can be wonderful real estate choices, you don't want one in your back yard. Townhouses in the back or front of your house means there are that many more people staring into your back or front yard. Instead of 5 visible neighbours, you have 12. Instead of your neighbours all being on the same

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Get a home inspection before you buyBuying a home in Calgary is so much fun! You view a bunch, pick one you love, and make an offer. Once you’re all agreed, we need to take a deeper look at the house and decide if you still want to purchase the home for the price and terms that you originally agreed to.

That means that we’re looking for major flaws in the listing that may make you change your mind. We’re looking for cracks, mold, leaks, structural issues, or pestilence. These are items that would make you reconsider your purchase.

Keep in mind that all chattels need to be sold in full working order. This includes fridge, stove, dishwasher etc. So if these are not functioning in some way, they need to be fixed before the home changes hands.

However, what a home inspection is not, is

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Knowing what you can afford compared to what is available is a key part of making the decision of how much to spend on your next Calgary home or condo. A lot goes into making the choice of where and what to buy, but the biggest thing you’ll need to know is what your money can buy. Is it worth it to stretch your budget to get that garage attached in the front? Or is it a little too far out of reach? Find out this quarter’s edition of “How Much Home Can You Afford?”

The examples below apply mainly to Southeast and some Southwest Calgary:


Mobile Homes

C3654549 - $79,900, #77 9090 24 St Se, Calgary
C3654549 - $79,900,
#77 9090 24 St Se
C3640090 - $69,500, #101 6220 17 Av Se, Calgary
C3640090 - $69,500,
#101 6220 17 Av Se, Calgary

View all Calgary listings in the $0-$100,000 price range


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Property taxesI have written on this topic before, but I just feel I need to come back to it because I hear it over and over again and sometimes I feel as if I am fighting against a tide of unrelenting strength.

Say it with me people:

"My Calgary property tax assessment means nothing"

Nothing. The true market value of your property is as clearly reflected in your most recent property tax assessment as culinary excellence is reflected in a Tim Horton’s BLT. If you’re lucky it MAY get you into the proper $100,000 period.

Your assessment was done by (what I think is a room full of monkeys on typewriters) but is probably a group of unionized city employees who crank out these numbers in a set time frame, and they did it a long time ago. They may have been in

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