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The $6500 Disney Diaries Part 4: ...And Then There Was Spew

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 at 11:12am.

Warning: The following content may not be suitable for those with queasy stomachs

And then…came the plague. So this is where our trip was thrown a serious curve ball. After Disneyland, Trinity barfed and got sick. Then Grace spewed. The next day Faith blew chunks and I can’t remember too much after that. I can tell you this, every one of us took turns getting sick. The only one who didn’t succumb to illness was Clint.

It was an inexplicable time of survival and coping. We were living in about 170 square feet of space with 8.5 people. There were nights spent driving aimlessly around San Diego looking for a 24 hour laundry.

The Bright Side

Each of the kids got sick with about a 2 day stagger. So in between vomiting we were still able to visit Universal Studios, SeaWorld (sorry friends, and also humanity; it was free), Legoland and Legoland Waterpark. We also went down to Coronado and stayed right on the ocean. The highlight of Coronado was definitely digging for Pismo clams, but a very close second was that we spent the day lying on the beach, which meant Nilo was able to have his barf outdoors.

One of the things that I love most about homeschooling is that the kids learn to relate to people of all ages, and all walks of life, not just those in their own age group. When we’re RV'g, it’s just natural that our family meets a lot of seniors who are retired and living on the road. We were lucky enough to meet a retired lady who had all day to show my boys how to dig for Pismo clams in the ocean, and when they were done, this cool old bird went and grabbed her boogie board and surfed with them for the afternoon. It was such a great memory!

Assessing the Damage ... The Final Disney Budget

So during all of this aforementioned barfing commotion, I lost track of the budget. I lost track of everything. We survived. If I needed Tylenol, we bought Tylenol. If I needed new sheets, we bought new sheets. We went over the budget, and I don’t care because the budget thing was just a fun game for us to play and a way to teach the kids to say “no,” to unnecessary purchases in situations of extreme temptation. I do however have some estimates, and I think we came close to our original goals.

$2208.14 - Total Gas Cost (I know this because Clint keeps an app with gas mileage…he’s just that kind of guy)

$600 - Total Campsite Cost

$1769 - Park Tickets Disney/Universal/Seaworld

$600 - Legoland/Legoland Waterpark

$700 - Groceries/Walmart

$50 - Laundry (Don’t get me started)

$500 - Eating out

$500 - Souvenirs

$200 - Parking

$100 - Clamming equipment and fishing licenses

$500 - Misc.

$7227.14 TOTAL

I mean, I’m guessing here, but I think we came pretty close. Not to mention that I originally thought we would only go for 2 weeks, but it ended up being 18 days. I also used my TD Travel Points to buy the park tickets. So I think I ended up right around my mark.

Stay tuned for my next blog to learn all my favourite tips and tricks that I used to save money at Disney, and the ones that just weren't worth it.

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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2 Responses to "The $6500 Disney Diaries Part 4: ...And Then There Was Spew"

Linda Dees wrote: I've sure enjoyed coming along with your family on your Disney trip. :) What a beautiful experience for you guys. I can't tell you enough how quickly these little ones grow up....I love that you're taking the time to enjoy them. You have been blessed with such a beautiful family. Good job Clint and Rachel! I look forward to more Vanderveen adventures!
Much love, Auntie Lin

Posted on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 at 3:01pm.

Sonia Mazanek wrote: Here's a travel tip:

Take some probiotics with you in your trip and take them daily. It will help fight stomach bugs. Also if you feel like something is coming take the max dosage and make sure you fill up on fluids. Works for our family. We haven't had a stomach flu in our house for 7 years. (We were given that tip be an ER doctor from the Stollery Children's Hospital.)

Posted on Thursday, November 27th, 2014 at 3:07pm.

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