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Staged home in CalgaryTime to start another one of my series and this one is on showing your house. After so many years of showing homes, you start to see the simple things that make a house stand out and add value. Not showing your home in its best condition, leaves you vulnerable to no offers or low ball offers. When I walk into a ragged home, I think a few things:

  1. This seller is not serious about selling their home.
  2. This seller is burnt out and desperate for a sale.
  3. This home has not been taken care of.
  4. This home needs a low ball offer.
  5. So many other negative thoughts.

Study after study proves that staging your home and showing it for all it’s worth, yields a quicker sale and a higher price. There are so many parts to giving a perfect showing. I’m

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Make the Most From Your  Calgary Home Viewing Experience

Guide to viewing Calgary homesWell, your mortgage approval is in, and your eyes are dry from hours of clicking through listings on Your hubby has placed an embargo on emailing anymore listings to him at work; it's finally time to get out there and see some places. Viewing homes is the one of the best parts of buying your Calgary home. Actually physically seeing the homes on your list sheds a ton of light on what you want, and what we’ll see next.

From time to time, I’ve heard it said among my colleagues that buyers are liars. This basically means that buyers don’t know what they want. They’ll phone you up and tell you that they want a 1911 character home in Inglewood and absolutely nothing else will do,

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How to avoid a bad location when buying a home.How to Avoid Buying a Great Home in a Bad Location

Most of us know the big offenders of bad location: backing or fronting onto a road, a gas station, a power station etc. But one of the most missed bad locations is the elevation of the back of your house. This is one of the first things I’ll point out when I see it. When it comes to a bad location, there are three major no-no’s in my opinion: townhouses, walk-outs, and grading.


While townhouses can be wonderful real estate choices, you don't want one in your back yard. Townhouses in the back or front of your house means there are that many more people staring into your back or front yard. Instead of 5 visible neighbours, you have 12. Instead of your neighbours all being on the same

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Property taxesI have written on this topic before, but I just feel I need to come back to it because I hear it over and over again and sometimes I feel as if I am fighting against a tide of unrelenting strength.

Say it with me people:

"My Calgary property tax assessment means nothing"

Nothing. The true market value of your property is as clearly reflected in your most recent property tax assessment as culinary excellence is reflected in a Tim Horton’s BLT. If you’re lucky it MAY get you into the proper $100,000 period.

Your assessment was done by (what I think is a room full of monkeys on typewriters) but is probably a group of unionized city employees who crank out these numbers in a set time frame, and they did it a long time ago. They may have been in

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...And I'll Fix all Your Problems with Your Mother-in-Law When I'm Done!

Get your Calgary dream homeI have an awesome surprise for many of you Calgarians. Are you ready? Here it is: you probably have enough equity in your house to move to where you want to be by now. I mean, I’m not making any promises but chances are excellent!

Many of you (especially people who have owned for 2 or more years) are sitting on a pile of money in your home, and don’t realize that your tiny kitchen, can be a big kitchen, and your yard that backs onto a road, can back onto a greenspace.

So how do you find out if you can finally move to your dream house?

1)      Call me. (Or email me)

2)      Tell me stuff about your house and mortgage.

3)      I’ll call you back and give you

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1)      Size does matter, if you have a choice between an extra 100 square feet or Italian Slate throughout, take the space. Call your buddy Ted to fix the floor later. Always look for ways to gain cheap square footage.

2)      If you are doing a kitchen backsplash and have a decorative, wall-mounted, hood fan, please raise the tile all the way to the ceiling. Do not stop it at vent level. It hurts me.

3)      If you have cabinets, please raise them to the ceiling. I don’t care what else you have to do to make that work, just drop something else so that cabinets can go to the ceiling.

4)      You have to have 9 foot ceilings. If your builder doesn’t offer this standard, find a new builder.

5)      Get Vacuflo rough-in and then buy your canister at

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Conditions continue to favour seller

New listings remain below expectation in the single family sector       

The monthly statistics package is available here.

Calgary, April 1, 2014 – Residential sales activity improved across all sectors in March. However, declining new listings in the single family sector combined with further gains in sales activity decreased single family inventory to the lowest March level since 2006. 

“There are several factors contributing to the growth in housing demand, including the inflow of people to our province over the past two years, strong gains in employment and tight rental conditions,” says CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie. “However, supply conditions vary amongst the different property segments,

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Once you’ve dealt with the offer to purchase, negotiations, and conditional phase, your purchase or sale will be a firm deal. A firm deal means that neither side can back out without serious legal repercussions. So, you’re moving! Here’s everything you need to know about what needs to be done in this phase whether you are buying or selling.


Talk to Condo Management Company: If you have purchased a condo, you will need to book a time to move in. Many condos do not allow a move in unless it is scheduled in advance. While you are on the phone, confirm what your condo fees cover (If you haven’t already in the offer process, and you should have.) and arrange payment of your fees, whether that is by credit card, post-dated cheque or EFT. Make sure

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So you’ve cruised the MLS and begun to see some houses that make you say, as the famed Tiny Fey once did: “I want to go to there.” Your home is small, and terrible, and annoying and the one you see on the MLS is large and wonderful and perfect.

Trying to think of how you can make the move from one house to another can be a lot to take on, especially if you’re like 90% of the clients I work with, and you need the money from the home you’re in, in order to purchase a new one.

So here is a step by step guide to making the transition from one home to the next when you need the money from one house in order to purchase the second.

1)      Call Your Agent: Before we start anything, we need to know what your current home is worth, and that number is always

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