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Tagged : auburn bay homes and gardens

Found 3 blog entries tagged as "auburn bay homes and gardens".

Today’s blog is all about builder upgrades gone right, and pulling together a colour scheme/theme in a new build without ever seeing it all first hand. With so many options available to you when you’re building a home, it’s hard to decide which upgrades will be best for value, and which ones will be worth it, even if they’re only for enjoyment. When it comes to pulling the whole house together with your own personal style it can be difficult to put your own vision into a new buld in Calgary when you can't actually walk into the house that you're decorating.

I have a friend named Erin who lives in Auburn Bay, and who has a keen natural eye for interior design. I took one look at her home a few years ago and I was in love. I think she and her hubby

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This is the blog I’ve been waiting to write! I stopped by the home that had the amazing corner lot the other day and snapped some photos of her corner lot. I’ll show them to you first, and then I’ll discuss what she has done so well. I will note that the homeowner gave me permission to leave the address visible to the public, but for anyone else interested in showcasing their home here, I can always remove the indications of address.


OK, look at the majesty here! Being owners of a corner lot, Clint and I have always struggled with what to do with all that extra space we have! You can see that this homeowner made the best use of her land, and certainly added a lot of value by adding this elegant tea patio and garden. You can’t see in the above photo

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For months now, Clint and I have been driving by a property on our way home which has the most lovely use of a corner lot. Every time we drive by, I say to Clint, “Slow down! Slow down, let me look at it again.” Today, on a whim, I decided to ring the homeowner’s doorbell and ask if I could take photo of their front yard and blog about it.

She said she would prefer to wait until tomorrow when she would have it looking ultra-pretty, but invited me to look at her backyard where she had something super cool to show me.

Check out how she used her swale!!!


I was so excited that I snapped a picture and ran home to ask Clint how we could do the same for our house. She’s growing a vegetable garden in that space!!! Isn’t that awesome? Clint and I have 3

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