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Guide to Viewing Calgary Homes

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 at 8:41am.

Make the Most From Your  Calgary Home Viewing Experience

Guide to viewing Calgary homesWell, your mortgage approval is in, and your eyes are dry from hours of clicking through listings on Your hubby has placed an embargo on emailing anymore listings to him at work; it's finally time to get out there and see some places. Viewing homes is the one of the best parts of buying your Calgary home. Actually physically seeing the homes on your list sheds a ton of light on what you want, and what we’ll see next.

From time to time, I’ve heard it said among my colleagues that buyers are liars. This basically means that buyers don’t know what they want. They’ll phone you up and tell you that they want a 1911 character home in Inglewood and absolutely nothing else will do, but when they walk through and see the construction of said home, they start asking what new homes in Auburn Bay go for nowadays.

Seeing things in person opens your eyes to what you really want. My job as an agent is to help you hone that wish list into a reality. Our first showings together are just as important to me as they are to you, because I learn a lot about what you want by watching you react to what you see. The houses we say, “No,” to, are as important as the houses we say, “Yes,” to.

As we go through the homes and react to our surroundings, we’re constantly curtailing, changing, and bending your wish list to see what will be that shiny penny in the end.

Be Prepared

To prepare for showings, always wear shoes that slip on and off easily. We’re all Canadians here, and in this country, we take off our shoes at the front door. Laces are tough to deal with. Personally, I’ll be in flip flops as soon as the snow melts…even if it’s a chinook melt.

Pack a snack if it’s a long tour (more than 6 houses). Sometimes hunger clouds our judgement and makes us think we like, or don’t like something that we don’t.

Don’t worry about bringing listing print outs; I’ll bring them for you. If you’re type A and feel an intense need to take notes, bring a pen, but please know that I will be trying to coax the pen away from you for the duration of the showings because buying a house is like falling in love. You didn’t do a pro and con list when you asked your wife to marry you, and you can’t do it when you buy a house. (or maybe you did write a pro and con list about your wife before you got married, you spreadsheeting little busy beaver).

It's Ok to Say "No"

Get comfortable with saying, “No,” even if it’s right on the front lawn or the front door. Sometimes my clients feel bad for some reason when they don’t like a house. I get the weird sense that they feel guilty as if the house belonged to me and they were turning it down. Not the case at all! I don’t care how nasty you want to get with a home. Say what you think because it helps me find the right one for you, and if you don’t like it at the front door, you won’t like the rest. We can move on.

Relax and Enjoy the Search

Finally, get loose and have fun. It’s a special time that you’re likely going through because you’re in transition. Enjoy the process of finding a home that expresses you!

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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