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On the Thieves at Auburn Bay Lake

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Monday, July 9th, 2012 at 10:53pm.

So today I was at the lake with my mom and dad, enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, when my dad noticed that his cell phone was gone. We were all tossing things to and fro looking for the thing, when a stunning young lady in a bikini walked up to us to let us know that some young kids (around 14 or 15) had found a phone right beside her and were playing with it. We went up to the girls that the lady pointed out to us. They said the boys who were with them were unknown to them, and they didn’t know where they went with the phone.

The gorgeous lady---who I found out later was an off-duty cop named Veronique---spoke up accusing the girls of lying. She had witnessed the boys with them all afternoon. When I looked back to the girls for a response, they continued to play dumb, and claimed they did not know the boys.

This was all disappointing, and I went back to my 65-year old father and let him know that his cell phone was gone. There was not a lot we could do. If the girls were going to continue to lie and not tell us where their friends had gone, we couldn’t do anything about that. Dad was pretty disappointed. We tried to engage the Find My iPhone app, but it wasn’t working.

Little did we know that our hero, Veronique, was working behind the scenes. She approached the girls and let them know that they all could be arrested for this crime because they were over 12 years old. The girls got up in short order, found their friends, and “somehow” dad’s phone made it back to the front desk at the Auburn House.

When I retrieved it for dad, it had already been totally wiped. These kids knew what they were doing when they stole the phone. If you wipe it, I guess the Find my iPhone app doesn’t work. It was just so disappointing to see kids so young engaging in this kind of behavior. This is NOT the normal stock for Auburn Bay residents. In fact, I would say that our community has more people like Veronique, than like these little hooligans. (What? I have 5 kids. I am now offically allowed to use that word).

So I wanted to publically thank our hero, Veronique. What a stunning act of selflessness to see the situation through to the end without even being asked. Thank you so much for your commitment to the citizens of Calgary both on and off the job!

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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