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Making Amazing Meals from Stuff You Buy at Costco: Smoked Cheddar Sandwich

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Friday, February 15th, 2013 at 11:51am.

Today I’m going to share a recipe with you that will pretty much make you drop to your knees, either from pleasure or a coronary or both! I love Costco. There’s just no two ways about it. I could write pages about why I love Costco, but chances are, if you are reading this and you have a pulse, you love Costco too, so I won’t spend my blog in redundancy. 

Being that I love Costco so much, I like to find some amazing treasures there, and make something superb. Costco offers high-end products for a cheaper price. Ever wanted to try truffle oil? Costco has it. Etc etc. So my amazing find at Costco today was double-smoked Cheddar. In the Deerfoot Meadows Costco, it’s all the way at the back, on the left-hand side, across from the coffee and juice aisle. I stumbled on this culinary gem because they were sampling it. It’s pretty much the most melt-in-your-mouth-delicious thing you’re ever going to taste. It’s about 10$ which I think is just sublime for cheese of this quality and size. So I decided that I just HAD to build a recipe around this smoky little delight and who better to share it with than all the friends of my blog!


This is not a family recipe. This is not something you’re going to share with the kids. They will never appreciate the quality and delightful taste of an expensive cheese. Don’t even bother. So here is when you use the recipe: you use the recipe on a day where you stumble upon Nilo trying to flush an orange down the toilet. Trin is cutting a tooth and has brightened the household with the steady sound of whining since the moment she woke up. Faithy dumped all the sparkles from the school room onto the piano, and Jake and Curt decided today is the day that they feel like inventing “booby traps” rather than schooling. So they have set up “lasers” at the entrances to rooms, which are actually tiny strings which they have tied about a foot above ground level and secured to 2 pieces of furniture that make you trip and fall over when you enter a room. Hilarious.

If this day sounds familiar to you, it is probably the appropriate day to bust out this recipe. It’s the kind of day where you and your husband cling to each other, shaking and staring at the clock, just waiting for 7pm to roll around. It’s the kind of day where all you have patience for is a can of Alphagetti for the kids, which you’ll warm in the microwave depending on the extent of your “laser” tripping injury. If the injury is bad enough, they’re getting their Alphagetti cold.

Once 7 has rolled around and the bedroom doors are all shut and the night lights are on, and you’ve had a moment to regain your stamina and remind yourself that you are actually a human and not just a glorified washing and teaching machine, it’s time to try this amazing thing I created last night in just such a case.


Smoked Cheddar Sandwich

Costco double smoked cheddar

Roma tomatoes


Turkey (Get the good high-end Costco stuff)

Kraft single (don’t judge)


Now, anyone can look at the ingredients list and assemble the sandwich but I think the order of ingredients is important so I’ll draw a word-picture for you here.


Grated smoked cheddar


Kraft single (just trust me)


Grated smoked cheddar


Grated smoked cheddar


Now, you’re gonna butter the two sides of the bread, and put one slice of bread on a frying pan, build the above, and then put the other piece of bread on top. You’ll want your heat on medium low, and it will take a while to cook through and melt all the cheese. Flip when the underside is a deep brown.


There you go people. Enjoy.

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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