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Landscaping and Calgary Real Estate

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Thursday, February 10th, 2011 at 8:04pm.

Landscaping and Calgary Real Estate

There are so many options for adding value to Calgary Real Estate, and landscaping is certainly one of them. Without a doubt there is a fine line to walk in landscaping with respect to how much or how little to do. The problem with making a complicated landscape in your home in Calgary, is that roughly half of your potential buyers will love it and half of them will hate it, and when you're selling your home in Calgary, you can't afford to alienate that big of a group. Landscaping can be difficult to maintain and some people (such as myself) have a brown thumb meaning they have a knack for killing plant life.

Less Is More!

  • Low Maintenance
  • Keep it Simple
  • Bushes and trees are good, but keep your yard usable

Might not be For Everybody

Truth be told, it isn't just the fact that I don't have a particular flair for gardening; it's also the fact that I'm terrified from head to toe of bees, wasps, hornets, and just about any creature that is smaller than my hand that has more legs than I do. I can hear the laughter of my sister-in-law, who thinks my phobia is both hilarious and ridiculous. I understand that people like me are in the extreme minority, but if I'm searching the Calgary MLS, and I see a house with hardcore landscaping, I picture my family outside enjoying a summer barbeque by the flowers while mommy sits inside with her plate and watches the fun from behind the patio window. I know. It's an extreme fear. I'm working on it. Stop laughing, Laura.

Do It! But Keep it Simple

Now all of this is to say, that if you're thinking of doing landscaping in your yard to pretty up your lot before you list your home on the Calgary MLS, keep it simple. Add things that are easy to care for such as bushes, trees and perhaps a few flowers that require minimal upkeep and come back year after year.

I've always been a fan of concrete patio and walkways. A good install will last longer than the roof, and only requires a seal (to make it pretty) every year or two. I would, of course, recommend the fine people at A1 Cement for all your concrete needs. (Shameless plug, my father-in-law totally owns the company). So if you're looking for some great drama for your yard that has universal appeal, give Travis Vanderveen a call for an estimate at 403-249-4515. You can see some of their cool handiwork here.

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