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How to Survive a Quick Closing of the Little Piece of Calgary Real Estate that you Just Bought like 10 Minutes Ago.

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Monday, August 22nd, 2011 at 11:50am.

aug_20_2011_how_to_survive_400So before Clint and I left for Sandpoint, we had a record of three deals all closing within 15 days of the first written offer. Having been through this process so many times, I sometimes forget how stressful a quick closing can be on my Calgary Real Estate buyers. When you have mortgage people calling every 20 minutes, your Calgary Realtor showing up at your door for signatures, and a Home Inspector with a bit of a long face, this big decision can turn nightmarish without the right guidance (and private place to cry when you need to). So I decided to write this little blurb on how to survive a quick close, because it can be done successfully.

First of all, I always tell my buyers that I have seen deals close in less than 3 days from offer acceptance. It is totally doable to transfer title quickly. In order to do this, you need to have a great Calgary Real Estate Lawyer who answers your calls on the first ring, or returns them within an hour. This is not an easy trait to come by in any lawyer. Luckily Clint and I have one on speed dial. (We love you, Bill). When you're trying to get a deal done fast, you need to make sure that you have crossed all the T's and dotted all the umlauts. (If you're Dwight Shrute If you're a regular human, than just cross all the T's and dot all the I's). A great Lawyer specializing in Calgary Home sales will make a quick closing a snap.  

Next, you're going to need a mortgage broker (or a very wealthy friend, relative or benefactor) who also provides this same level of service: instant call returns and fast answers. We love Kathy Fleshman with RBC, because she answers our calls around the clock, and has been known to put together mortgages from remote campsites in the middle of nowhere if it needs to be done. (Of course, you're always free to work with any Calgary Mortgage Broker when you work with us, we just really love Kathy)

Now, I didn't put a great Calgary Real Estate agent at the top of the list, because I wanted to appear humble, but seriously, over and above all others, you need to have a Calgary Realtor who can corral, organize and ease the pressure of a quick close. One of my last clients, was furiously taking notes as I was explaining to her what was going to happen over the next 14 days of her quick close. I think I almost saw her break a sweat. I said to her, "Female Client, you can write down what I am saying word-for-word if you want, but you don't need to worry, because I will be holding your hand through this whole process. I won't let go I promise!" (*single tear runs down the cheek. Just kidding. The tear never happened. That was for dramatic effect). But honestly, it's your Calgary Real Estate broker's job to make sure that you get everything done that needs to get done!

In the whole process, you're going to need a lot more than just these three people, but these three people will bring you everything you need. So I figured I would keep the list short and sweet. Good luck as you look through Calgary Homes for sale, and find your Calgary dream home!  

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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