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How to Get Involved in Auburn Bay

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 at 8:03am.

Don't be an Auburn Bay Hermit

community involvement in Auburn Bay CalgaryBeing involved in your community can mean a variety of things. It can mean anything from your quintessential TV-PTA-Home-Owners-Association-Cheerleader, right down to knowing the names of a few of your neighbours, and anything in between.

The truth is that, as we head more into an isolated community framework, our streets are more vulnerable to crime, and our kids are getting more into video games than bike rides. So this blog is all about how to go from an Auburn Bay hermit, to some level of joiner or starter, wherever your personality leads you.


As outgoing as I am, I still find it easiest to meet people on Facebook before I meet them in person. How nice is it to sit in your yoga pants with greasy hair, and comfortably say hello to a neighbour. All they see is the cute picture of your kid that you have as a profile picture. Perfect. There are a number of forums to meet people in Auburn Bay. The ones below are closed forums. You need to be a resident in Auburn Bay in order to request admittance. Just search the names and you'll find them. Once you do, click join group.

Auburn Bay Blockwatch

This is a great page. You can say what you want on this page, whether you’re asking for advice, business recommendations, or crowd-sourcing a diagnosis for your foot fungus. Generally it’s used to alert people of suspicious activities in the streets, or to report lost pets, but it’s also a great place to get to know people on your street.

Auburn Bay Rants Page

This is a place where people come to…well…rant! It’s friendly to all types of expression and no topic is off the table. A lot of friends meet here to vent about problems in the Bay or possibly publicly shame you by posting your photo if you let your dog run free by the ponds. Most of us just come for the comments.

Auburn Bay Give a Hand (Auburn Bay Angels)

This is my favourite page. It’s based all around helping your neighbour. It works on a member reporting system where someone might identify a person with a need in the community and bring it to the group for a solution or celebration. If there were an elderly person needing help getting their walks shoveled, a family with a member in the hospital, or any person experiencing grief or loss, we try to organize a response to help them out. Whether it’s meals, gifts, babysitting, dog-walking etc. Often times, we end up sending congratulations to new mamas in the form of meals, gifts, and baked goods. This is an awesome worthwhile group and an excellent way to get to know your neighbours.

Auburn Bay Buy/Sell

This group is what is now colloquially called a varage sale. Varage Sale is a friendly, virtual, community-based marketplace where people can buy and sell in a friendly, fun, and non-threatening environment. Just kidding. There’s drama all the time, and it’s funny. But you can sell your stuff here, and buy other people’s stuff too.

Auburn Bay Moms & Tots

This group is just for planning play dates, and meeting other moms and dads within the community. Sometimes there are ladies socials, and group play dates set up.

Plan/Attend a Block party

You can see my blog about planning a block party here. This is one of the most worthwhile gatherings in the community. It brings connectedness to a street-level and makes the block a safer place for everyone.

Go to Tumble Time at the Auburn House

Mommies from all over the community go to this fun escape to chat with neighbours and let their kids burn off steam.

There are all kinds of ways to meet your neighbours and get involved. Every year, Auburn Bay is becoming more and more cohesive, and it’s exciting to watch!

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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rose painter wrote: Im excited to hear of playgroups for me and my toddler as i just moved into the area.

Posted on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 at 9:42am.

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