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Extreme Home Selling Tips for Parents

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Monday, November 17th, 2014 at 9:41am.

 How to list your Calgary home and get top dollar, while juggling a house full of kids.

house selling tips for parentsWe’ve been spending so much time preparing to list our home in Auburn Bay, Calgary, and the time is finally coming to actually put the thing on the market. In this final crunch time, I feel I have some wisdom to share on how to list your home the right way (ie: in the way that will get you the very highest price possible) when you’re dealing with a gaggle of children.

1) Storage Can: We have one on our driveway (I’m so sorry Auburn Glen Circle…it will be gone in two weeks. Promise!) We’ve been filling that sucker up for months - anything non-essential is getting tossed in, which means less clutter to clean and less stuff to dust.

2) Bankers Box of Toys: Give your kids a bankers box to fill with their favourite toys and pack up everything else. This is has been such a breath of fresh air in our house. When you only have so many toys to carpet the floors, there’s only so much mess your kids can make. I’m seriously questioning whether I even want to give them back the packed up toys because so far there have been no complaints. We packed up box upon box of toys and I don’t even think they’ve even noticed.

3) Taping Doors: You know, you’ll never keep track of every finger print and spilled puddle of juice. Best idea is to perfect rooms and tape them closed so they kids can’t access anymore. Now…we taped too early and had to take the tape down, but in the 2 days leading up to listing…I’ll probably have about 4 square feet where they can play (just kidding).

4) Hire Help: The amount of work to do is just too daunting, especially with a house full of kids. If you can afford it, hire someone to come in and help you clean. It’s also a fresh set of eyes to spy out dust where you never saw any.

5) Move Out: That’s what we plan to do. Once this house is ready to go, we’re packing a suitcase and leaving for as long as we can. Ideas? Mom and dad’s, West Edmonton Mall weekend, sisters, hotel, anywhere but at home. Our house will be a museum.

6) Pare Down: We have a massive pantry as it is, but because we’re bulk Costco shoppers, it can look pretty tiny when the shelves are stocked with 48 cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup. So we moved all of our bulk stock down to the basement closet and what is left looks like the common stock of a nuclear family.

7) Dinner on the Go: Don’t cook in your house. Your cooking stinks. See blog here regarding your foul-smelling house. My go-to dinner when I can’t cook and don’t need the indigestion of McDonald’s is a fruit or veggie tray. If you have showings happening in the evening, throw the kids in the car, put 'The Incredibles' on the van DVD player, give the kids their headphones, a tray of fruit for each row. There you go: dinner and a movie. You are a fabulous parent; give yourself a pat on the back.

Remember that if you want to earn every nickel your house is worth, the process isn’t going to be easy, but it doesn’t have to be grueling. Good luck to my comrades out there who are listing in the next few weeks. See you on the other side.

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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