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Cool Places to Register Your Kids in Awesome Classes in Calgary South

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 at 8:50am.

Skating in CalgaryIf you’re like me, you get a specific joy from cruising kids classes on the internet and finding the awesome and price-friendly classes for your little ones. Today, I’m going share a little Vanderveen secret: where I find all the classes in South Calgary that I use for my pile of children, and how I keep the costs down.

1)      Indus Figure Skating Club/Can Skate/Star Skate

This one is by far one of my favourites. You cannot beat the value for the dollar here. Classes range from beginning into full-fledged training for figure skaters. The drive is about 7-10 minutes from Auburn Bay depending on traffic. My daughter gets an awful lot of one-on-one coaching and costs are very low for what you get here. Click here for details.

2)      Home Depot Classes: Also some of my favourite because they are FREE. That’s right, FREE. Once a month (or so), you can head down there and they’ll hand your kid some nails, a hammer and some paint and make a messy project with them. My second favourite part of this activity (other than the price) is that the mess happens at Home Depot and not in my house. We’ve made birdhouses, tic tac toe games, napkin holders, lots of cool stuff. Home Depot supplies the ideas and the materials. Click here for kids workshops near you.

3)      President’s Choice Cooking School: This is so cost-effective for the cooking classes I have researched for the kids. This is located at the Heritage Meadows Superstore by the Costco in Heritage Meadows. Again, I love that the mess is not happening in my house! Classes are about $9 for kids 3-11 and $18 for kids 11-18. They prepare and eat their own meal. Awesome value here and lots of options for what classes your child will like. I like that it’s also optional. You don’t have to register for all the classes. They finally now have a day time class to accommodate homeschoolers as well. You can pick and choose your favourites. Click here for more details.

4)      South Fish Creek Recreation Association: For all of my homeschool-mamma-friends, this is the place to look for cool classes during homeschool hours. For those that don’t homeschool, there are still some very cool classes here. My favourite part about these classes is affordability. (I sense a trend here). So super-cheap and so super-cool. The have photography, cooking, art, writing, you name it. They also offer a 10% discount for multi-class registrations.

5)      Community Centre Classes: I personally troll the class offerings of the Auburn House and McKenzie Towne Association every time they come out, looking for something neat. Usually pricing is pretty good for these.

6)      Crossings Dance Ministries: These are really no cheaper than any other ballet classes, but I like the owner a lot, and I like that as the girls get older, they don’t start dressing prepubescent girls up like dancing jailbait/future strippers for performances. I find the costumes tasteful, and that has a value to me. The location is also great for people in Auburn Bay, Mahogany, Copperfield, New Brighton, McKenzie Towne, etc., because it’s a straight shot down Stoney and we can get from door to door in 10-15 minutes.

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