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Can I use a Realtor to Buy a New Home from a Calgary Builder?

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 at 8:05am.

Know the Facts

The answer, simply, is a resounding, "Yes!" So, many builders out there work so very hard to keep you away from your Realtor, and why wouldn't they?  The problem that Realtors present to builders is that they keep the builders from being the gatekeeper of information and the maker of the rules. Buying a home in Calgary is a complicated thing, buying a new build in Calgary is even more complicated. 

Realtors are there to represent your best interests and translate Builder's documents into plain English so you know what you're getting into.

Did You Know?

A Realtor may not work with builders
A Realtor may assist in the sale or purchase of any home
I dont need help to buy a new home.
Whether you purchase a new home, or resale, you will enter into a contract to govern the transaction. A Realtor knows contracts, and will watch out for your best interests

Builders are businesses, they need to protect their interests, you deserve to have a professional on your side - to protect yours!

My Experience

I've had a builder tell me that they don't allow Realtors to work with their clients. Of course, this gentleman didn't know that I, myself, was a Realtor. In that moment, I kind of wanted to do something my daughter would do, and say,

"Liar, liar pants on fire, hanging on the telephone wire."

But one has to keep one's personality in check when they're standing in a showroom.  I politely excused myself and resolved never to use that builder or refer them to clients either.

Playing on a Level Field

You see, if I was a builder, I would welcome Realtors of all kinds. Because Realtors force Builders to be better---to offer better products, prices and terms. Realtors know whether or not they are doing that, and if the builder is not working hard to perfect their product, than a Realtor can help that client look into a different builder who would strive to be better. That, people, sounds a lot like a word I like very much: competition.

Competition is good.

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Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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