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Calgary Real Estate Meets Pregnant Calgary Realtor Vomit Ensues

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Friday, July 8th, 2011 at 1:02pm.

It is ridiculously hard to show houses with morning sickness, which I have had to do for the past few months. Normally I love showing. When I arrive at a listing before a client does, I make it point not to look through the home until they get there, so we can discover it all together. I love looking at the way people have their homes decorated! It's fun to have the keys to people's homes and go in when they are not home. But with morning sickness, it's just so very hard to  show houses!


Let me begin my complain-a-thon by mentioning that all of my friends and family are tired of hearing about my never-ending nausea, so I have been forced to take to the internet.

I went out this last week with a couple who were looking for condos for sale in Auburn Bay and surrounding areas. There are not a lot of private condo listings in Auburn Bay  and other SE areas right now, and most of the places that are for sale, are for sale through the builders. Dealing with builders while inexplicably nauseous, is a specific torture that I can hardly describe.

Builders like to make it as difficult as possible for Realtors to show their  listings. (At least that is my opinion). Instead of placing a lockbox on the front of the property they're selling, they make you come first to the showhome to get the keys. So when I walk into the showhome to get the keys, I'm so angry that I even have to take this extra step---when I feel so incredibly nauseous---that I feel like walking up to the desk and just puking on it right there. (And I could too. If you just say the words "pork rinds" to me, I will lose my lunch all over you. Just like that. It's even hard for me to type those words. I had to dissociate myself from their meaning, or I would lose my cookies on the keyboard.) 

These buyers that I have happen to be awesome. For that I was grateful. I fessed up to them before we even went on tour that I was violently nauseous, and could not be held responsible for the intermittent moaning, groaning, and possible frantic trips to the toilet that could occur. Somehow, when you're this nauseous, everything seems more difficult. They ask me what year the home was built; I scan the listing and am barely able to say, "2005." They ask me if the basement has rough-ins, and the idea of walking from the main floor (warm) to the basement (so cold) frazzles my sensitive nausea nerves. The easiest things become my own personal Mount Everest in this condition. God bless my long suffering husband and business partner, Clint, who has been by my side as I have suffered, and filled all the gaps of the Vanderveen Team, while I've been crouched on the couch bemoaning my sad lot in life. (You think I'm being overly-dramatic but if you talked to Clint, he would tell you that is a pretty accurate assessment of how I've been for the past few months).

Now, if you're paying attention, you'll notice that I have babbled on seemingly without a point for the duration of this blog. Which is totally true. To be honest, I was a little nauseous when I started, but in the middle of the blog Clint made me a sandwich and now I feel a bit better. So what is the point of this blog? Ummm, I don't really know. I just feel nauseous and no one wants to hear it anymore, so I've had to take to the internet.

Rachel Vanderveen

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2 Responses to "Calgary Real Estate Meets Pregnant Calgary Realtor Vomit Ensues"

Mrs. R wrote: I feel nauseous just reading that, and I don't even know if I'm pregnant yet. :) But I am a veteran - mother of three teens/tweens and a former realtor (for one year) to boot, who just recently lost my job and remarried, within a month of each other, and decided to go back into real estate. I live in the Dallas, Texas area, and just interviewed today with Keller Williams. Needless to say I did not mention my aspirations to become a mother again with my new husband (my first love from 20 years ago; he never had children); so I am doing research online to see how feasible it may be to get pregnant again, going into this career once more. Thanks for the experience, although the nauseous feeling is leaving me a little hopeful that maybe I am preg - though it's likely I'm just sympathetic. Girl, post away, I need to hear and know more.

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011 at 5:10pm.

Rachel R. Vanderveen wrote: I just found this comment, Mrs. R, in my comment queue. Ooops. A little late! I'm used to deleting spam comments and I must have missed this one! I'm curious how it turned out? Did you find out you were expecting?

Posted on Saturday, November 5th, 2011 at 7:14am.

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