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Buying Calgary Real Estate with a Charlie Sheen Mortgage

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 at 7:45pm.

Clint and I were just browsing through the Herald today and happened to come across this article. The main thrust of the article speaks towards the fact that many Albertans are not interested in purchasing Real Estate for some time. I just don't understand why!

Let me backtrack: When Clint and I bought our prime little gem of Calgary Real Estate in Auburn Bay, (That's fancy-talk for a classic three, sale house on a reduced-for- quick-sale-lot) Calgary interest rates were around six percent. I remember my dad (a one-time Calgary Real Estate Agent) saying to us, "These rates are unheard of! Lock it! Lock it!" Of course I have a little bit of tiger blood and Adonis DNA in me, (sorry was that too Charlie Sheen?) so I was willing to take the risk of waiting to see where the rates would go. So we floated, and down those rates went.

Every month when I would talk to my dad about the possibility of locking in the rates, he would say to me, "You're nuts if you don't lock in now! In my day a great rate was 12%, and you better believe I was around when they went to 19%!" He almost had me scared silly, but I held out. Finally, about a year later, I chickened out and locked at 3.89%. My brother-in-law, who is equally as obsessive about interest rates, beat me by a fraction of a point. To this day I still begrudge him his partial-point victory. Totally kidding here.

The fact of the matter is this: people! You can get a mortgage locked in over 5 for less than 4%. Hold on, let me say this one more time: LESS THAN FOUR PER CENT!!! Why in world would you NOT buy a house! Maybe those people that took this survey and have decided to sit on the sidelines need to have a little sit-down with Mr. Neil Baisi. (My Dad). So he can talk your ear off about the good old days when interest rates were 12%, calculators were just being made, and how the trip to school was up hill both ways.

If you're wondering if it's the right time to sink your teeth into a piece of Calgary Real Estate, let me repeat: interest rates are as low as four per cent, locked over five! Have a little browse of Calgary, if you wish. The time is now. It's time to WIN! (Charlie Sheen again. I just can't get enough of this guy).

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