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Batch Cooking Gems - Shepherd's Pie

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Friday, September 20th, 2013 at 11:48am.

I’ve had a few people ask me about my recipes for batch cooking lately because I mentioned that I like to do it on Facebook, so for ease of response, I’ll post some of my favourites on here. We’ll start with good old reliable shepherd’s pie.

Shepherds Pie for an armyEnough Shepherd’s Pie to Feed a Small Army (Or Just the Vanderveens)

(Makes about 10 full meals for our family of 8)

Massive3- 4 gallon Cooking pot

2 Flats of Costco Ground beef

1 package of Costco frozen Mixed Veggies

1 Package Costco Peaches and Cream Corn

6-10 Cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup

¾ of a Sack of Costco Potatoes

2 Bricks of Cream cheese

1/2 Stick of Butter

One quarter to one Half a Costco jug of mayo

Costco sea salt


Epicure French Onion Dip mix

Extra Old White Cheddar Cheese

Dollar Store storage tins


1)      Peel and boil ¾ of a Costco bag of potatoes.

2)      Brown the ground beef in the jumbo pot and add a cup of water to make it very piece-y. Once brown, drain and return to pot.

3)      Dump in cans of cream of mushroom. Start on the lower end (6 cans) and wait for it to heat up then add your bags of veggies according to your desire for veggies and corn. I like a pie with lots and lots of veggies and I like a lot of corn flavour in there, so I’ll use 2 entire bags, which will require me to use more cream of mushroom soup to coat it all.

4)      Once the mixture is heated, add half a block of grated extra old cheddar cheese.

5)      Once that is all heated, add half a jar of Epicure French Onion Dip mix and a whole lot of salt and pepper. I figured out that you need just a touch more salt and pepper than you think you do. If that helps.

6)      Drain your potatoes, add 2 bricks of cream cheese and ½ a stick of butter. (You know I better not have to tell you that you cannot substitute for margarine). Add the mayo according to your tastes and your desire to be thin and beautiful. Add the other half of the Epicure French Onion Dip mix, and salt and pepper.

7)      Whip the potatoes until they are ultra smooth with a hand blender or stand mixer. Throw in some milk if you want the texture smoother than it is. You may need to split into 2 bowls to fit it all.

8)      I like the dollar store tins for storing food. The ones that have a paper top and the sides fold down to seal. When I’m batch cooking, I’m usually making it for someone who has just had a babe, or someone who is ill and can’t be bothered to cook. I think it’s a huge blessing to give away meals in disposable containers, so the obligation to clean and return cookware doesn’t remain upon the shoulders of the person receiving the gift. Put a thin layer of potatoes on the bottom of the tin, fill with meat and veggie mixture, then put potatoes on top and spread. No need to make a design on the top because the paper lid will just flatten it anyways.

Hope you like it. Please leave a comment below, or email me with how your attempt went!

Rachel Vanderveen

The Vanderveen Team
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