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Alberta Children's Hospital Meets Calgary Real Estate Couple

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Monday, July 4th, 2011 at 1:58pm.

Well, since I last blogged, Clint and I have been on quite the roller coaster. In May, our daughter went into the hospital with a burst appendix, but because of the complicated way that she presented, the doctors were not able to diagnose her immediately. We lived at the Children's hospital for about a month.


I am still surprised by how much work we were able to do at first while at the hospital. Both of us were able to be there and by our daughter's side, and when she slept, we had two rolling hospital bed tables set up with our laptops for working and following up with clients. It was a difficult month. Our room at the Alberta Children's Hospital had a view out onto Sarcee Trail, and I remember staring for hours out that window and thinking that the people in the cars driving by had no idea what we were going through. They were happily driving their cars down Sarcee Trail to their work, or to their homes. Maybe they were heading out to a pub to meet a friend. Meanwhile, I was sitting in one of the red windows at the Children's Hospital staring at them driving, while our small life was crumbling to pieces.

Eventually the laptops were closed, and the bed tables rolled into another room. As our daughter, Faith, got sicker and no one knew what was wrong, our room and our world became very small. The only things in life that mattered were happing inside room 3119 at the Alberta Children's Hospital. I didn't know or care what was happening in the Calgary Real Estate Market. It could have melted down for all I knew. It is incredible to me how everything in life can become so in-focus in those moments. Everything you thought was important suddenly becomes small and ridiculous as you watch your child suffer, and I remember thinking I would give anything in the world just to know what was wrong with her.

Eventually after many weeks of struggle, our doctors were able to conclusively diagnose and treat her. We were on our knees and grateful to God, and the lessons we learned months ago have stuck with us until now.

Ironically, as we were worried about losing a child, God was busy making another one inside me! Which we found out close to the end of our stay at the hospital. So, yah, it's been an absolutely crazy couple of months, but we're back on the job, with our finger on the pulse of the Calgary Real Estate Market, and living the summer life in our little home in Auburn Bay. Check in often for new updates to our blog!

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