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Fat off the Land: a Blog About Calgary Real Estate, Parenting, and Food

Landscaping and Calgary Real Estate

There are so many options for adding value to Calgary Real Estate, and landscaping is certainly one of them. Without a doubt there is a fine line to walk in landscaping with respect to how much or how little to do. The problem with making a complicated landscape in your home in Calgary, is that roughly half of your potential buyers will love it and half of them will hate it, and when you're selling your home in Calgary, you can't afford to alienate that big of a group. Landscaping can be difficult to maintain and some people (such as myself) have a brown thumb meaning they have a knack for killing plant life.

Less Is More!

  • Low Maintenance
  • Keep it Simple
  • Bushes and trees are good, but keep your
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Know the Facts

The answer, simply, is a resounding, "Yes!" So, many builders out there work so very hard to keep you away from your Realtor, and why wouldn't they?  The problem that Realtors present to builders is that they keep the builders from being the gatekeeper of information and the maker of the rules. Buying a home in Calgary is a complicated thing, buying a new build in Calgary is even more complicated. 

Realtors are there to represent your best interests and translate Builder's documents into plain English so you know what you're getting into.

Did You Know?

Myth: A Realtor may not work with builders Fact: A Realtor may assist in the sale or purchase of any home Myth: I dont need help to buy a new…
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Check it Out!

Last Year Avenue Magazine wrote an article on Calgary's best neighbourhoods. They had a marketing company compile data from its readers to make a comprehensive overview of the best Real Estate in Calgary. I think you'll find this article as interesting as I did. You can see the best Real Estate to own in Calgary by checking out the opinions of Avenue Magazine's readers here  To see the full report of the top 30 neighbourhoods in Calgary, you can access the data here

Have Your Own Opinion? Vote!

To vote for this coming year's survey and make your voice heard, click here! Vote!


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 Quick Recap...

In my last blog, I talked about using most of your upgrade dollars towards structural upgrades. Now if you have limitless funds with which to build a home in Calgary, first of all, you suck and I'm jealous, and second of all, go buck-wild. Upgrade your abode from top to bottom! But if you are like Clint and me, and you have a budget, this series is all about helping you find out how to spend your upgrade dollars on the stuff that will build value in your Calgary Real Estate.

Moving Forward!


Today's blog is all about the things I could have done without. One such thing is some of the granite and tile work. We probably could have had those things put in after the fact for far less than what the builder was charging. Further, Clint

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Building a New home with a Builder in Calgary: Choose Your Upgrades Wisely


Clint and I had a decision to make when we chose our lot in Auburn Bay: we could buy an estate home in Auburn Bay and build it bare bones with no upgrades whatsoever, or we could buy a mid-range home and bling it from top to bottom with upgrades. I'm sad to report that I don't think we made the best choice.

We chose to bling it.

Now I think there is something to be said for blinging it if you don't have a husband or wife who is handy. In that case, it's probably better to let a professional builder put in all your pretty finishing touches. But at the end of the day, I think adding square footage and structural upgrades is where the main portion of your upgrade dollars should

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I'm going to do a little series on what I would have done differently if I had built my house now vs. then, and I'm going to go ahead and just keep doing that until I run out of things to say.

Choosing a Good Calgary New Home Builder

My husband and I bought our home in Auburn in Bay in 2007 from a builder. At the time, Real Estate in Auburn Bay was selling for much higher prices than it is now. Although we paid more for our house at the time of signing, interest rates began to plummet between when we signed, and when we took possession in 2008, so we ended up having pretty low monthlies. I can't really complain. However, after spending quite some time as a Realtor, and after having built this house with my husband, there are many things I would have

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I was just browsing through the e-Herald---like the little e-geek that I am---and I came across this article which I thought was interesting. A Calgary condo listing in Eau Claire just sold for 4.1 million dollars. That is nuts. I wonder what the condo fees were. Oh wait, I'm a Realtor; I can check! They were $2172 per month! Wouldn't you love to shop for a Calgary condo like that? I can hardly imagine.

View Luxury Calgary Condo

So for the rest of you out there that are nosey Nellys like me, I posted the MLS listing, so you can see all the pictures because the Calgary Herald didn't provide any more than the exterior. You can see this palace in all of its glory right here.

Until next time


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Is Your Calgary Home Really a Real Estate Investment?

 You know what's great? Investing in Calgary Real Estate. Many of you probably think you're investing in Calgary Real Estate right now because you own your own home. Well, I have a bit of sad news for you: you're not. Well not really. Don't get me wrong. Owning your own home is great, and it's certainly a better deal than renting, but if you want to truly invest in Calgary Real Estate, you need to buy a property where you are not the person writing the cheques for the mortgage payments.

Real Estate Investment Network and Don R. Campbell

real_estate_investment_in_canada_picture_feb_2_2011 "Real Estate Investing in Canada by Don Campbell, is one of the finest resources I can recommend if you're looking for where to start, and more importantly,…
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We were driving the kids to school this morning and we heard on 660 that net migration Alberta is up, up, up! This, of course, is wonderful news for Calgary Real Estate! I think we can all remember what the bigger factors in the boom of 2006 were!

So what happens when people migrate from other provinces into Alberta? Well, unemployment goes down as people look for jobs. Also, vacancy rates tend go down as well. But what happens to Calgary Real Estate? Well our supply goes down, which, in most cases, drives up the price of Calgary Real Estate!

So if you're an investor, I'm sure your heart is warming, and if you're one of those people who hasn't bought yet, you now have two reasons to look at buying a home in Calgary. The first is that net migration

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One of my favourite things to do is work with first time homebuyers. I think every Realtor would agree that first time home buyers in Calgary are sort of the "holy grail" of real estate clients. Especially a newly married couple! They're so young and happy. The energy they give off is almost tangible. Being part of helping them buy their first home is so much fun I can barely describe it.


I recently did a deal with one such couple who had a hand in changing the way I do business. They were flatly unimpressed with all the new homes in Calgary suburbia that I showed them. I was stumped. I pointed out the new carpets, flooring, furnace and roof, even a new home warranty! But it failed to "Wow" them. They kept bringing me back to homes closer to transit

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