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...And I'll Fix all Your Problems with Your Mother-in-Law When I'm Done!

Get your Calgary dream homeI have an awesome surprise for many of you Calgarians. Are you ready? Here it is: you probably have enough equity in your house to move to where you want to be by now. I mean, I’m not making any promises but chances are excellent!

Many of you (especially people who have owned for 2 or more years) are sitting on a pile of money in your home, and don’t realize that your tiny kitchen, can be a big kitchen, and your yard that backs onto a road, can back onto a greenspace.

So how do you find out if you can finally move to your dream house?

1)      Call me. (Or email me)

2)      Tell me stuff about your house and mortgage.

3)      I’ll call you back and give you

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...Or, How to Stage a House Like a Unicorn

Stage your home in 6 easy stepsLet me tell you something: Trying to sell your house for top dollar is a horrible, grueling, and torturous process. I haven’t had to do it since 2008, and just like the pain of childbirth, somehow my mind blocked it out. Because if I had remembered how stinking difficult and trying this process was, I would not have signed a purchase contract.

But alas the lure of more space to store more junk roped us in once again. As I stare angrily at the storage container on my driveway, I feel paralyzed by the amount of work still ahead of me. The entire upstairs is now done, and the kids aren’t allowed to touch any of it. We taped the doors closed like police do with a crime scene so that we’ll know if any of them

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Clint and I are so excited to introduce you all to our new website with a new look and new functionality! We've been busy little beavers working away on this site and planning for the new look! We have believed for a while now that the internet is the way of the future for real estate, and so we have designed this site to give you, the customer, all the info you want, right when you want it, and when you’re ready to get the experts involved, just click “Book a Showing,” or “Inquire.”

Our new site is adaptive to your smart phone or tablet, making everything much easier to see. Properties are easy to find on your own, and once you think you know the area you love, you can save your search and have your favourite listings emailed to you as soon as they

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Non-Disclosure of Conditional Sales in Calgary


With the market moving at the quick pace that it’s moving, I get a lot of my buyers asking me the same question:

“Why does the property I like still show as active on the MLS, but you (Rachel) told me it’s sold?”

Well, the Calgary Real Estate Board recently introduced a rule which allows sellers to keep marketing their property even past the point of being conditionally sold. Which means that they can keep it appearing active and for sale on the MLS, even though it’s already under contract with another buyer. There are different levels of non-disclosure.

1)      The seller could choose to keep it active on the MLS and disclose in the private agent’s comments that it’s conditionally sold.

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1)      Size does matter, if you have a choice between an extra 100 square feet or Italian Slate throughout, take the space. Call your buddy Ted to fix the floor later. Always look for ways to gain cheap square footage.

2)      If you are doing a kitchen backsplash and have a decorative, wall-mounted, hood fan, please raise the tile all the way to the ceiling. Do not stop it at vent level. It hurts me.

3)      If you have cabinets, please raise them to the ceiling. I don’t care what else you have to do to make that work, just drop something else so that cabinets can go to the ceiling.

4)      You have to have 9 foot ceilings. If your builder doesn’t offer this standard, find a new builder.

5)      Get Vacuflo rough-in and then buy your canister at

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Conditions continue to favour seller

New listings remain below expectation in the single family sector       

The monthly statistics package is available here.

Calgary, April 1, 2014 – Residential sales activity improved across all sectors in March. However, declining new listings in the single family sector combined with further gains in sales activity decreased single family inventory to the lowest March level since 2006. 

“There are several factors contributing to the growth in housing demand, including the inflow of people to our province over the past two years, strong gains in employment and tight rental conditions,” says CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie. “However, supply conditions vary amongst the different property segments,

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As some of you may know, we are a proud homeschooling family! Lately we’ve been talking about the value of owning your own business and we got to talking about private enterprises vs. franchisees. Then it just so happened that I crossed paths with one of the managers of the brand new Papa John’s in Seton (just outside Auburn Bay and by the new hospital), and since we order from Papa John’s more than I care to admit (what? I’m a working homeschool mom!), I thought it would be a perfect place for the kids to see how a small business runs and have an opportunity to ask the owner about why he chose a franchise vs. his own private business. I couldn’t believe how receptive the owner was to our request to come behind the counter with a gaggle of children

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I’m returning to my fix and flip series. (previous blogs on the topic can be found here, here, here, here and here) I have a few clients coming through the pipes looking for exactly this type of product, and I wanted to flesh out a bit more of what to look for when you’re out to do a fix and flip in Calgary.


Yah, I know. I hate to be so cliché, but it’s true. A REALTOR is a resource that is free to you when you are buying. We know the ropes, and we know what we’re looking for in a home to flip in Calgary. We can translate your hopes, dreams, and desires into a physical reality. The bottom line is that you’re going to get deluged in information on the internet, and a lot of it is just cr@p. Your agent sorts through all of the

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