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25 Things You Don’t Know About Clint & Rachel Vanderveen (Written by Rachel)

Posted by Rachel R. Vanderveen on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 at 3:55pm.


  1. Costco is a date-night destination for us. There’s something really romantic about buying triple tubs of ketchup.
  2. We love the house we built in 2008, but we hate the lot.
  3. We don’t have cable TV in the house, and haven’t had it for 6 years now.
  4. Clint’s feet are always sore, yet he refuses to see a doctor about it.
  5. 2 or 3 times a year we both make two huge vats of spaghetti sauce and then freeze it into meal-sized portions. Once done, it takes 2-3 days to get our kitchen back to a point where a food inspector could call it sanitary.
  6. We have a morning meeting together every morning which involves coffee and quiet time. I look forward to this moment of the day for the rest of the whole day.
  7. The emoticons on our iPhones have taken on whole new meanings for us. For example, the orange emoticon means “Whachu wanna do?” This comes from an episode of 30 Rock where Jack Donagey tries to negotiate with his nanny, and she just sits there eating an orange saying, “Whatchu wanna do?” Sometimes, just to annoy Clint, I send him an emoticon of a galloping horse. Like what does that even mean? A galloping horse?! I love it.
  8. Clint hates Laura Linney. I only discovered this fact about him in the last few months, and I was completely surprised to know it, only because Clint doesn’t hate anyone. I tried to zero in on why the hate was so intense. All I could gather was that it started with Truman Show and snowballed from there.
  9. Clint actually refuses to see a doctor for almost anything. I think I’d have to really force him to go in even if he lost a limb: “Come on, babe. It’s just an arm. It doesn’t even hurt.”
  10. I think his aversion to the doctor has come as an intentional antithesis to my hypochondria: “You call it a zit; I call it skin cancer. I’m calling 911.”
  11. Clint and I know far too much about the Alberta Children’s Hospital. We’ve lived on unit 3 there for a combined total of nearly two months.
  12. We still feel blessed every day that we didn’t have to stay longer, and that both times our kids had something completely curable.
  13. We have Netflix and Hulu so that we can watch TV episodes when the kiddies are in bed.
  14. But we recently found that we were only using them to watch Gordon Ramsey shows.
  15. Clint told me he loved me on our second date.
  16. I said it back.
  17. And I meant it.
  18. Clint only likes Dave Matthews Band. That’s it. He’s hardcore.
  19. I don’t know what I like anymore. I got onto talk radio and I never looked back.
  20. We both like our pasta al dente.
  21.  I LOVE Opa Souvlaki. Clint hates it.
  22. We never find out the sex of our babies when we are pregnant, and we never tell people the names that we picked either. It’s so much more fun that way!
  23. I am TERRIFIED of bees and wasps. Like mortally and very deeply afraid!!!
  24. There is a TV show on Netflix for kids, and it’s called Frances. It is the single most annoying show ever made on the face of this planet, and it makes Clint and I want to scratch our eyes out.
  25. Naturally, it is one of our kids’ favourites.

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