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June 2016

Found 2 blog entries for June 2016.

The Vanderveen Team is so honoured to introduce our new esteemed guest blogger, Jaime Wilton. (I spelled it right this time, Jaime!) Not only is she a dear friend to the team, but she is easily the most talented and well-versed community expert I have ever encountered. She knows all; she sees all. She IS Auburn Bay.

With that, I introduce a new series of blogs from our guest blogger, Jaime. You'll know it's her because she'll sign each post with her lovely name. Now without further delay I bring you her first blog on Auburn Bay parks.

Parks and playgrounds are such an essential way to burn off energy, increase creativity, and encourage active outdoor activity for children. There is no doubt that Brookfield has succeeded in bringing Auburn Bay a

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There’s a lot of people, including myself, who are surprised by just how much of your stuff needs to get packed up before you go live on the market. Your stuff kind of just sits there around you for so long that it just kind of becomes part of the environment. Sometimes seeing what you need to remove, needs a second set of eyes. A home stager is absolutely invaluable at this time. I, myself, had to pack up nearly two thirds of my home when we listed. It was shocking. Not only how much stuff I had to pack up, but how much I needed to throw away. Ever since that move, I have tried to be ruthless in my trashing of things that really don’t need to take up space. I’ve had moderate success.

When it comes down to what needs to be decluttered, take it down to

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