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October 2014

Found 3 blog entries for October 2014.

Electronic Pasta MakerSo while at Lina’s Italian Market trying to satisfy a random pregnancy craving, I stumbled on the most brilliant looking of all machines: an electronic pasta factory. My eyes nearly popped out of my head, imagining the possibilities of dropping flour, eggs, and EVOO into an agitator and having fresh pasta pop out the other end. Clint and I were just about to reach for it off the shelf when one of the employees came by and snatched it out from under us, telling us we were not allowed to have that LAST machine as she was already planning on buying it since this morning. That was unfortunate. We did find out that Lina had wanted $200 for the machine, which seemed steep, but I was ready to pay it, if the machine truly delivered on what it promised.

So I

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Don't be an Auburn Bay Hermit

community involvement in Auburn Bay CalgaryBeing involved in your community can mean a variety of things. It can mean anything from your quintessential TV-PTA-Home-Owners-Association-Cheerleader, right down to knowing the names of a few of your neighbours, and anything in between.

The truth is that, as we head more into an isolated community framework, our streets are more vulnerable to crime, and our kids are getting more into video games than bike rides. So this blog is all about how to go from an Auburn Bay hermit, to some level of joiner or starter, wherever your personality leads you.


As outgoing as I am, I still find it easiest to meet people on Facebook before I meet them in person. How nice is it to sit in your yoga pants with greasy hair,

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Disney keyboardIs it possible for 8.5 people to do Disneyland on $6500 for 2 weeks? I have no idea, but I'm really excited for my kids to experience Disney, as I never had the opportunity. So, over the next while, I'll be sharing my "Disney on the cheap" strategies as I plan our family trip to Anaheim.

OK, so this is super-fun: being the cheap little Dutchies that we are, will be bringing our mountain of children in a RV as we plan to do Disney for 8.5 people on $6500.00 for 2 weeks! That’s right, $6500. And I’m talking everything: food, gas, RV sites, restaurants, and park tickets (Including 3 Days Disney, 2 days Legoland, 1 Day Seaworld [sorry the ticket was free…I know…I’m ashamed of myself] 1 day Universal and maaaaaybe San Diego Zoo (if I can squeeze it in the

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