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January 2014

Found 5 blog entries for January 2014.

You may have noticed that the price of your home has gone up, as you see your friends and neighbours listing homes that sell instantly, often in bidding wars. The rumour is true: the Calgary real estate market is on fire right now.

As of this writing there were 2513 listings available in the city of Calgary. This is an extraordinarily low number of listings. But how does this affect your house price? What is a hot market? How is it made? And what causes your home’s value to increase? Let’s have a look at that today.

The real estate market is governed by supply and demand. The supply is the amount of homes on the market, and the demand is the amount of people wanting to purchase these houses. Right now we have a very, very small

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  1.  When you walk in to a delivery room after as many pregnancies as I’ve had, you get a bit of street cred. I learned that I finally have a respected voice in my own delivery room. Not that I didn’t before; it’s just that before it was harder to have the staff listen.
  2. Midwives, support all birth choices except mine: to have an epidural. It’s all freedom of choice, individuality, and power to the mammas until you say you’d like a needle in your spine. If I’m wrong, please someone give me the name of a midwife who will let me have my plan, my way. I’ve already spoken to several, who will not…and they actually tried to shame me a little for my choice. I’d love, love, love to have a midwife next time who supports my birth plan.
  3. For me and my family,
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Well the answer is pretty broad, because it depends on which building/land, and what type of condo we’re talking about. More basic condos, usually have at the very least, insurance fees, management fees, and reserve fund contributions.  

Insurance Fees: usually cover the land and buildings which are jointly owned by the owners. You should check the insurance certificate, but usually it covers catastrophic losses and other damages to jointly-owned property. In many cases, this insurance means that condo owners only have to buy a very reduced-fee condo insurance since most of your exterior insurance is covered. This, however, differs from condo to condo.

Management Fees: somebody has to answer the phone when there is a problem with the common

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In short, very little, except that you’re going to be paying higher taxes as many of them have gone up this year. However, the number on your Assessment is almost never correct, in terms of what your home could actually sell for in current market conditions. I’ve never seen one correct even within a range of $10,000.

The assessment is not correct because it almost never accounts for market conditions. In today’s market, we’re seeing bidding wars, prince increases, and conditions favouring the sellers. However how much or how little these conditions have affected prices varies from community to community and indeed from property to property.

I always shake my head when I see agents write that a certain home is priced $20,000 below the city assessment.

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