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July 2013

Found 3 blog entries for July 2013.

I cannot express to you enough how much having a home garden has been wonderful for the Vanderveens. Not only do we enjoy the fresh food right out of our yard, but the kids enjoy helping the plants grow: feeding them, fertilizing, and weeding our little garden. Best of all, there is literally an abundance of spiritual metaphors to pull out of gardening which Clint and I love to share with our children. I cannot recommend this enough to all of my readers. If you’re thinking about starting a garden but not sure how to begin, we’ll be happy to help. Our garden isn’t perfect, but it has sure served it purpose well!

Today I want to share with you how amazing it was to harvest a huge amount of basil and oregano and how we’re storing it for winter months.

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There’s a reason why REALTORS always talk about the big three L’s: location, location, location. It really is (or should be) your most important consideration when buying a home. Buying a home with a good location usually means that you’ll love your home for longer, and it will suit your needs better. Although you may not care very much about backing onto a gas station, the constant activity, and teenage loiterers will most likely get to you eventually, and if they don’t, the price we have to list at when you want to move away or upgrade will definitely get to you.



Houses with a bad location gain less market value than houses with a better location on the block. So if your friend with a normal house, normal location, and normal lot gains 5%

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