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March 2013

Found 7 blog entries for March 2013.

I’ve come up with another recipe that I just can’t keep to myself. The recipe comes from this restaurant in Calgary called Da Guido. They have the most amazing house salad dressing. Every time I go there, I order that salad and my eyes just roll back in my head as I savour the flavour.

So last year my very talented chef friend, Lindsay, was in town, and I convinced her to come with me to Da Guidos so she could help me figure out what was in it using her super-human chef palette. She did indeed give me some helpful directions on what ingredients to try, and I have spent the last year testing and re-testing different combinations, and I think I have finally come very close to what the recipe may actually be. So without further delay, here it is.



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St. Philip School

Calgary Catholic School District



Feeding Communities: Part of Lake Bonavista Estates (Lake Bonaventure, or anything south of Lake Bonavista Drive) Parkland & Diamond Cove


I have had the privilege of meeting a few people lately who send their children here and absolutely love it. I called the front desk and here is what I found out:

Two Programs & Eligibility

Apparently there are two programs: the regular program and the fine arts program. However, even in the regular program students will get a high dose of fine arts. In order to be eligible for the regular program you have to live in one of the feeder communities: Lake Bonaventure, Diamond Cove, or Parkland. To be eligible for the fine arts program, you can live

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Cooking is one of my favourite things, but as we have more children running around here, I’m less able to execute the amazing dishes that I used to, as they require fresh groceries which I never have time to grab every day. Never having the exact right fresh ingredients for what I want is something that always troubles me, because I have grand ideas that I can never bring to fruition because I’m missing one measly thing that can’t be substituted. So we end up with a lot of casseroles, and meat and potato fare, which is totally fine, but there is still this little cook inside me that longs to make amazing things every once and while.

So when I stumble upon a recipe that is simply divine and requires no fresh ingredients, I think there is no one better

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The only way to send your kids to a top ranking school for free is to move to the neighbourhoods that have the best schools. Choosing a home based on the affiliated school has always been more of an American phenomenon. I haven’t really seen a lot of parents choosing a home based solely on the fact that the feeder schools are the ones they want their kids in. I mean it happens, but not often…until recently. There seems to be a bit of shift in trend and I’m seeing more parents have schools at the top of their priority list, which has forced me to become part REALTOR, and part school researcher.

My two main tools: the Fraser Institute website, and the Calgary MLS. And who should benefit from my many hours of study but my loyal Vanderveen Team readers.

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Alright, I know that title is from the wrong Dickens novel, but I just couldn't resist! Rounding out the blog series on why SE Calgary is the place to be is a post about Copperfield. Rest assured, there will be plenty more Southeast Calgary-related blogging in the future, but other parts of our fair city need some love too! Read on to find out what makes Copperfield so great.

Like Mahogany and other notable neighbourhoods in the city, Copperfield was developed by Hopewell Residential Communities. This developer has won Calgary's Developer of the Year award five times, which means they must be doing something right! Hopewell is known for developing communities that follow a neighbourhood-oriented design. That means space for kids (and adults) to play and

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Hi y'all. The kids were out playing in the snow, and I decided to rustle up some homemade hot chocolate. The result was so yum that it seemed silly not to share it with my faithful readers. So here it is:

4 Cups of Milk

1/2 Cup Gourmet Cocoa (available at Costco and pictured below)

1/3 Cup of Coconut Sugar (Blogged about here)

The result here was so rich and creamy. All the kids loved it! Enjoy.


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