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October 2012

Found 4 blog entries for October 2012.

I have the privilege of being friends with two families who back onto the Babbling Brook in Canyon Meadows. One of which, just moved into their house. The other has been living there for nearly 10 years and would not consider moving away from the Brook, even when being tempted by homes which are brand new and twice the size. There is something to Babbling Brook in Canyon Meadows, I’ve discovered. People who live there love it and wouldn’t move for love or money.

I have to admit that I’m a recent convert. Canyon Meadows already has bigger than average lot sizes and homes with an old-school style which character shoppers tend to adore. Adding the Babbling Brook to a backyard adds that extra bit of tranquility and country charm that is hard to find

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The absolute worst time to take kids to lessons has got to be between 4:30-5:30, and yet this seems to be when everyone offers extracurricular activities for kids in our children’s age groups. I don’t see how other moms make this fly. How can you get the kids from school, make dinner, and get them to the lessons on time? Not to mention stay at the facility and wait for them to be done? Maybe they make better use of their slow cookers than I do.

Living in Auburn Bay is such a pleasure, and our community centre, the Auburn House, is one of the most beautiful in the SE. We’ve done a few lessons there, but since we’ve started homeschool, I’ve focused more on the South Fish Creek Community Association (SFCA) for classes because they offer homeschool programs

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This time of the year is perfect for retreating into the warmth of your home. Maybe now that the gardening season is finished, you can finally tackle painting that neglected room, or give another part of your interior some TLC. If you prefer to get out and about, you're sure to find something that appeals to you amongst the many get-togethers offered in Calgary's southeast quadrant. Have a look below to get the scoop on events coming up this October.

  • A class on infant and child CPR will be held next Saturday, October 20th, to go over the basics of emergency care for children and tiny tots. This $30 talk is a great refresher for those who have already taken certification courses or who'd like to know the bare bones of CPR for wee ones. It will take
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I know I harp on this a lot guys, but I just ran into this issue on another deal, and I just can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get those permits in place while you are in the process of developing, not after! If I haven’t convinced you with previous posts, here’s another one to set you on the straight and narrow.


  1. In some cases, not having permits could void some or all of your home insurance.
  2. Getting permits done after the fact, costs ten times the effort and money.
  3. If your work is discovered and the city, for whatever reason, doesn’t want it there. They can make you demolish it.
  4. If you don’t get permits on the work you did in 2012, you may go to sell the home in 2022 (and be forced to get permits at that time) at which point you
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