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September 2012

Found 3 blog entries for September 2012.

I know I’ve been complaining about the basement for many months now, but unfortunately I have to take to my blog once more to off load about the perils of our never-ending project.

The basement is mostly complete. We have a few touch-ups, but we’re saving those for later. We just need to move our stuff now and get our school room up and running so that we catch up on all the days of homeschool that we missed.

This move into the basement is one of epic proportions. So much moving has to happen that it feels like we are actually moving into a new house. Let me explain: Our oldest boys are moving out of their upstairs room and down to the basement. Our middle two are moving into a different room in the upstairs, and the baby is moving into the nursery.

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There’s nothing more deflating than finding flaws on your home inspection, and suddenly doubting the price you paid for the home. Certain types of flaws definitely warrant a second look at the purchase price. There are times when it is entirely appropriate to do this, and there are times when it is neither helpful nor appropriate. Let’s go through a few examples.

When we go through a home with a home inspector, we are looking for all types of defects so that buyers can enter their home purchase with confidence---knowing exactly what they bought. However, we want to be especially mindful of material latent defects. These are defects which are hazardous, or potentially hazardous, and/or would involve great expense to remedy. These are usually defects

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Well the summer is over and Clint and I are back from vacation in Sandpoint. Faith became really sick while we were away, and Trinity also became ill (though not as bad as Faithy) and I had my first experience in going to an American hospital. Thank goodness we had insurance!

Summer vacation can always go one of two ways, I think, and this year I’m sad to admit that I think I missed the mark. No matter how long you go away for, you have to have your head in vacation mode, and be ready to relax. I think I had it at first, but I lost it somewhere in the middle.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the circumstances surrounding you, and forget about the bigger picture. Faith had pneumonia, and going out by the lake or swimming in the pool was kind of crossed

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