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August 2012

Found 2 blog entries for August 2012.

5: Number of videos I watched on YouTube trying to find the best version of the Spice Girls at the closing ceremonies because I didn’t get to see it live.

2: Number of cups of coffee I had without creamer because we’re out. Uggggh

1: Number of dinners out that I planned for the Vanderveen extended family and then foisted upon my parents-in-law.

300: Probable dollar-cost of the dinner out which was put upon my father in law. Thanks, dad!

2.99: Amount of money spent renting a certain Miley Cyrus movie off of iTunes. I’m not proud of myself. I don’t want to talk about it.

10: Time that we left our dear friends’ house last night with cranky kids in tow. Time spent with them was well worth the sleep-deprived bear-ish kids today.

3: Number of times

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There’s nothing worse than writing an offer on a property and then having your agent tell you that another offer has come in on the property you just wrote on. There is a lot of misinformation about the multiple offer process in Calgary so I would like to take a minute to dispel a common myth about Calgary real estate bidding wars: do Calgary real estate agent’s invent multiple offers?

We do not “invent” them, as in we make up something that doesn’t exist. We do, (if we’re a good listing agent) do absolutely everything we can to encourage them with every skill we have, and there are ways of legally doing that! We actually cannot make up a false bid because we are required to disclose to all agents bringing offers, all the names and brokerages of all the

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