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April 2012

Found 5 blog entries for April 2012.

Sometimes foreclosures are smoking hot deals and sometimes…well…they’re not. Before you buy a foreclosure in Calgary, you should consider some of the hidden costs associated with a foreclosure. Because all you get with most foreclosures in Calgary is title to the property, you miss out on a lot of chattels. ( See my blog on foreclosure chattels here. ) Even if you’re getting one heck of a steal, there are certainly some extra costs to be aware of.

RPR (Real Property Report) $500-$800+?

This report is transferred as a part of any regular sale, unless it is intentionally scratched out of the regular AREA (Alberta Real Estate Association) Offer to Purchase. The cost for the document itself is usually $500-$800, however, you need a stamp of compliance. If

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Those who know me, know that I am very, very political. I just love politics. It used to be just American politics (because they’re just like a never-ending soap opera) but in the last two years I’ve starting to glom on to Canadian politics as well.

I love politics because I believe in an ideology---a way of life---and I like to see which officials will best represent the views that I hold myself. When it comes to who I’m going to vote for, I don’t look for promises, plans, or guarantees. No politician can guarantee the political climate, the funds in the treasury, or the type of representatives they’ll deal with in the legislature or parliament. They can promise all they want, but seeing ideas become laws or policies is a whole different thing. We

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Back in January I started a series on McKenzie Towne. Then I went and had a baby. Then that baby decided to have a little 2 week stay at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Then I got home, and I was tired. Then once I recovered, I didn’t really feel like blogging about McKenzie Towne; I felt like blogging about other stuff. Then tonight, my darling newborn is refusing to eat and prefers instead to fuss and fitfully sleep. This is not allowing me a lot of sleep so I’ve decided to make use of the quiet in the house and sit here in front of my ancient laptop to finish my series on McKenzie Towne!

So *knuckle crack* let’s talk about one of my fave places to represent people buying and selling Calgary real estate: McKenzie Towne! In the last blog, I talked a

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Clint and I take a lot of pride in our website! We’ve worked very hard to make sure our site is very simple to use to find the Calgary Real Estate that you’re looking for! We noticed a long time ago that buyers were looking first to the internet when thinking about buying a home, and next to an agent. We’ve designed our website with capabilities to search for very specific things which you cannot search for on the

In addition, you can build your own specific search on our site, save it, and then come back to it and access the property matches you’ve found from anywhere, using the control panel on the right hand side of the screen. As you sort through listings, you can click “bookmark” and save favourites in your control panel which you can also

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So, today I told Faith to clean her room. It had gotten to a point where I couldn’t even walk through the mess anymore. I set a timer and told her she had 20 minutes to finish it. Just before the timer rang, she walks downstairs, proud as punch, and happily announces that her room is clean. When I walk upstairs to check, I note that the floor is completely clear, the bed is made, and everything is off her dresser…and that is because she spent her 20 minutes gathering it all up and tossing it into the hallway. So as I type there is a mound of toys, laundry and bottles in my upstairs hallway.

 I sit down with her on her bed, and I say, “Faith, did you do your very best to clean your room?”

“Yup!” she says while rocking from heel to toe, Mickey

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