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October 2011

Found 6 blog entries for October 2011.

I just can’t stop shaking my head over this matter. I wish we could get a clear indication from the good people down at Occupy Calgary (or even Occupy Wall Street for that matter) what exactly it is that they would want in order to stop squatting in and destroying our downtown. People carrying signs, and talking to reporters at Occupies all over the world have offered a variety of demands. I’ve seen and heard everything from: abolish capitalism, down with Wall Street, more entitlements, tax the rich, “pay off my student loan” and even a few have been seen holding anti-Semitic signs and claiming that Jews have all the money and should be run out of town! And no one was even stopping the last lot! No one that I saw even said, “Hey man, racism isn’t cool.

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Painting is always one of the things I recommend to just about every one of my sellers. Unless one’s house is 2 years old or less, and in tip-top condition, one can easily benefit from a coat of paint in a few rooms of the house before one puts it on the market.

There are three good reasons, as I see it, for springing for a couple cans of paint before you list your house. The first is the pure esthetic appeal of updating tired colours and replacing them with fresh neutrals. The second is that paint tends to hide a multitude of sin. Often times, our walls get so dingy with finger prints, scuffs, and dirt that we don’t even notice it anymore until we paint it and realize how fresh and clean it looks. Painting also forces a homeowner to fill in dents and

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After having another trip this weekend to one Calgary's emergency rooms, holding my son who had croup, I began to think once again about Canada's health care system and why, as Canadians, we keep accepting such a low standard of care. Over the years, my opinion about our health care has swung from one extreme to another, but last spring our daughter spent more than a month at the Alberta Children's Hospital. It was there that I decided that there is one absolute in the debate about health care in Canada: no mother should ever have to make the decision between health care for her child and money in her bank account.

Our daughter's life was saved by a CAT scan which she had immediately and without question at the Alberta Children's Hospital. I only know

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Is it a permanent full moon out there this week, or what? All of my kids seem to have gone haywire. Each one of them having seemingly strayed from the good discipline that I have tried so hard to teach them, and replacing good behavior with all but swinging from the rafters. Am I the only mom that struggles with where to draw the line between teaching my kids the law—or what is right and wrong, and teaching them grace—or how to deal with heart issues?

The best of what I think I’ve learned seems to promote the idea that young children, around 5 and under, seem to benefit from teaching straight “law.” They simply have to know that they can’t touch a hot stove, or hit their playmates when they are angry. In my experience, they don’t fully understand,

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Thanksgiving BlessingsThis Thanksgiving, Clint and I have a lot to be thankful for. After having quite the scare with our daughter in the hospital, we now know what it means to be grateful for healthy children. It’s a gratitude I hope I won’t soon forget. It’s nuts how easily we forget that life is fragile, and that we are not on our own timeline. Having come so close to death, this Thanksgiving it’s very easy for us to celebrate life in all of the ways it has come to us.

The first is the ongoing life of our daughter, Faith, who made it through a very scary ordeal at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and came out of it without a scratch on her. Our daughter being alive is a pure miracle from above. Aside from being unendingly grateful to God for sparing Faith, we are grateful

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Real_Estate_Roller_CoasterWith more positive showings in our monthly statistics package from the Calgary Real Estate board, Calgarians will have a lot to be thankful for this Sunday when we carve the Thanksgiving bird! Other Canadian cities have shown sharp increases and decreases in home prices and demand, while Calgary Real Estate was the little turtle---winning the race slow and steady.

The Calgary Real Estate Board and the fine people at TD Economics both agree that all the indicators are pointing towards a recovery for Calgary homes and properties despite the economic challenges which face the world at large. “Undoubtedly, there are a lot of unknowns in the world’s current financial situation, but Calgary and Alberta may be relatively safe havens amidst this uncertainty,”

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