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July 2011

Found 3 blog entries for July 2011.

It is ridiculously hard to show houses with morning sickness, which I have had to do for the past few months. Normally I love showing. When I arrive at a listing before a client does, I make it point not to look through the home until they get there, so we can discover it all together. I love looking at the way people have their homes decorated! It's fun to have the keys to people's homes and go in when they are not home. But with morning sickness, it's just so very hard to  show houses!


Let me begin my complain-a-thon by mentioning that all of my friends and family are tired of hearing about my never-ending nausea, so I have been forced to take to the internet.

I went out this last week with a couple who were looking for condos for sale in Auburn

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Dear Calgary Real Estate Agent,

I just wanted to let you know that I super-duper appreciated the 2 days that it took you to return my request to show your listing. Really, because in that time, I was able to reorganize my kitchen drawers, re-landscape my yard, and have long conversations with my favourite aunt, all-the-while feverishly calling your mobile phone (which goes straight to voice mail) and leaving messages like: "Hi Calgary Realtor, this is Rachel Vanderveen calling again. I'm just looking to get into your Home for Sale in Auburn Bay. I know I have already left five messages today about showing your listing in Auburn Bay, and I really don't want you to get the wrong impression about me. For example, I really don't want you to think that I'm

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Well, since I last blogged, Clint and I have been on quite the roller coaster. In May, our daughter went into the hospital with a burst appendix, but because of the complicated way that she presented, the doctors were not able to diagnose her immediately. We lived at the Children's hospital for about a month.


I am still surprised by how much work we were able to do at first while at the hospital. Both of us were able to be there and by our daughter's side, and when she slept, we had two rolling hospital bed tables set up with our laptops for working and following up with clients. It was a difficult month. Our room at the Alberta Children's Hospital had a view out onto Sarcee Trail, and I remember staring for hours out that window and thinking that the

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