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April 2011

Found 8 blog entries for April 2011.

So I happened to be showing some Bridlecrest Real Estate Listings the other day, and I happened across this lovely little cafe in the heart of the homes for sale Bridlecrest that I was showing! The name of this homey little establishment was Cafe Crema.

Upon entering I was immediately greeted. Being that I am trying to cut my carbs lately, I am being forced to forgo my lovely lattes for more traditional drip coffee fare. (I won't get into how much I hate this). So I go to the register and ask for a cup of whatever dark roast they have brewing, only to find out they don't "brew." (Ummm .hello! Brewing is so last week *apparently*). Cafe Crema actually only offers fresh French-pressed coffee, and they do it by the cup. In my earlier years of wine and

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As I have already mentioned in previous blogs, the Auburn House is planning an expansion to include a full-sized gymnasium and enlargement of the banquet room!

If you are an owner of Auburn Bay Real Estate, don't forget to attend the special general meeting schedule for April 20th, 2011 at 7:30pm at Auburn House where you will be able to check out all the expansion details, budget plans and even view the expansion renderings.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the FAQ from the Auburn Bay Community website regarding the Auburn House expansion:

We share in your enthusiasm in the anticipation of a new gymnasium and Banquet Room enlargement at Auburn House, to better serve the community of Auburn Bay.  To offer further clarification, below are some

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When Clint and I built this site, we asked for a lot of input from friends and family. We wanted to know what their frustrations were with the Calgary MLS, and we also wanted to know how we could make our site more user-friendly than Calgary We listened closely.

One of the problems was the inability to search Calgary MLS Listings by an easy-to-use square foot function. We believe that we have addressed that problem by making Calgary Real Estate Listings searchable by square foot on both our quick search---which is at the top of every page except the blog page---and our advanced search. I think there are many cases where people need to buy a home in Calgary at a minimum square footage point. (In our case we, and our extended family, need that

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Clint and I often talk about where our "dream house" will be. You know, the one that we will buy when we win the lottery, (Positive thinking) OR when Publisher's Clearing House finally drops off the cheque that we should have gotten years ago. (More positive thinking). At any rate, we currently have our options narrowed down to three: luxury real estate in Mahogany, luxury real estate in Auburn Bay, or luxury real estate in Lake Bonaventure.

So every now and then I sit in my little house in Auburn Bay, and click away on my dinosaur of a laptop, and imagine Calgary luxury listings that could be mine. If we were to put our house in Auburn Bay for sale, I doubt we could even get what we paid for it out. *sigh* But sometimes I like to pretend that we could

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Well, spring is upon us. (OK, I'm cautiously optimistic that spring is upon us. Every time Clint and I get ready to take off our studded tires, we get another big dump of snow.) But spring is (hopefully) upon us! Which means it's time to dust off your duster, and get out your mop and do a little cleaning! Or, if you're like me, think very seriously about cleaning, and then choose to blog instead.

If you're thinking about selling a house in Auburn Bay, it may just be time to start getting rid of some of your old junk! Which is why the Auburn House is hosting a drop-off for you to be able to leave some of the things you just don't need anymore. E-cycle solutions will be there to collect old electronics for recycling, and the Salvation Army will also be

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So last year or maybe it was two years ago I can't remember the Auburn House offered a free workshop on how to set up an in-ground sprinkler system. So, of course, I promptly signed up Clint, because an in-ground system would have been so awesome to have. He responded with a grumble and a sigh, and reluctantly agreed to attend on the day set out.

Well, I'm sure you guessed it. The day came and went, and my devoted husband did not make it. (I know, I know. Technically it was my fault for signing him up without asking first. I take full blame). This year, it looks like they're offering the same course, except it costs only $30.00, which I think was a smarty move on the part of the Auburn House. It's enough to make sure you show-up, but not so much that

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Well, the day has come. You know you moved here because you love Auburn Bay Lake, but on this day every year, you seriously question if Auburn Bay Realty was really the best option when you were looking for a home. So today when you pull out your cheque book, look for a pen, and write the check for the Auburn Bay Community fees let's take a moment and remind ourselves why we live here. Hopefully, that will make the cheque easier to write.

  1.  Auburn Bay Real Estate holds its value better than the surrounding communities because if its proximity to the new South Health Campus. Real Estate in Auburn Bay also stands a very good chance of increasing in value more than other areas once the new South Hospital is complete.
  2.  Auburn Bay Lake is one of the most
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So as you're driving into and out of our great community of Auburn Bay, you may notice a slight change in signage on the cute little posters that beckon you into our quiet streets. Carma Developers is changing their name to Brookfield Residential. Purchasers of Auburn Bay Realty may also want to take notice of this change. The name change comes as a result of a merger between Carma (including the housing division Heartland Homes and Hawthorne Homes) and their sister company Brookfield Homes.

 So how will this change affect Auburn Bay Real Estate? My understanding is that there will be no change at all. In the news release which came out yesterday from the community developer formerly known as Carma, (I think the celebrity name has more drama) they

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