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March 2011

Found 8 blog entries for March 2011.

As if the Auburn House wasn't cool enough, I just got word that they're planning on expanding! Apparently it will include a full-size gymnasium and a banquet hall! You can show up at the meeting that will detail the work being done on April 20th at 7:30pm at the Auburn House or you can check out the details right here on this blog or on the Auburn Bay Connect Website.

I'm so pumped about the expansion because my family loves the Auburn House in Auburn Bay! Our kids have been down there for karate lessons, skating lessons, and I've had my eye on the tiny toes ballet for our little Faith, but the classes just keep filling up so fast, and why wouldn't they? It's $60.00 for 3 months of ballet classes. You can't beat that price! Maybe I'll camp outside the

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Just kidding. No one who does not own and know how to operate a crystal ball really knows if The Calgary Real Estate Market is on the verge of boom or not, but this blog is filled with some facts that certainly point strongly in that direction!

So, once again I found myself cruising Don Campbell's blog, and what do I find, but the most enticing headline called, "This Past Weekend Changed My Thinking About Alberta Real Estate." So what Calgary Real Estate Agent is going to see a title like that and not read the blog through? So of course I dove right in, read it through, and immediately sent a link to my investor clients!

I printed off this article and read it in my beat-up lazy boy that Clint hates and wishes he could light on fire.


And here is

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Sometimes the most wonderful things happen to me, like what happened today. I was surfing Calgary Real Estate News articles around the web, when I happened to stumble upon a LIVE web chat involving Mr. Don Campbell (who I love, love, love!). Although I did submit a comment for moderation, which implored Mr. Campbell to please be my BFF, my comment was not posted. But I did have a carnival of a good time reading Mr. Campbell's responses to some excellent questions that buyers of Calgary Real Estate are dying to know! As I have mentioned before, I would consider Mr. Campbell to be the authority on Real Estate Investing in Calgary and indeed in all of Canada. So here---for your viewing pleasure---are some excerpts from the lively and informative author of

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You may think it's expensive to buy real estate in Calgary, but Cowtown was not among the 12 most overpriced markets in the world, based on rental and sale prices of properties, according to The Economist.

  • 12. Denmark 17.6% Overvalued
  • 11. Singapore 18.1% Overvalued
  • 10. Ireland 19.9% Overvalued
  • 9. New Zealand 20.6% Overvalued
  • 8. Netherlands 20.8% Overvalued
  • 7. Belgium 23.7% Overvalued
  • 6. Great Britain 29.6% Overvalued
  • 5. Sweden 39.5% Overvalued
  • 4. Spain 43.7% Overvalued
  • 3. France 48% Overvalued
  • 2. Hong Kong 53.7% Overvalued
  • 1. Australia 56.4% Overvalued

List compliments of the Vancouver Sun

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Clint and I were just browsing through the Herald today and happened to come across this article. The main thrust of the article speaks towards the fact that many Albertans are not interested in purchasing Real Estate for some time. I just don't understand why!

Let me backtrack: When Clint and I bought our prime little gem of Calgary Real Estate in Auburn Bay, (That's fancy-talk for a classic three, sale house on a reduced-for- quick-sale-lot) Calgary interest rates were around six percent. I remember my dad (a one-time Calgary Real Estate Agent) saying to us, "These rates are unheard of! Lock it! Lock it!" Of course I have a little bit of tiger blood and Adonis DNA in me, (sorry was that too Charlie Sheen?) so I was willing to take the risk of

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I came across my friend Joe's blog today, and he had a pretty neat insight into what happens when you buy at the top of a boom, and are left needing to sell at the bottom.

After having spoken to a few people who were wanting to hold on to their home, and hope that it gained more value, Joe took to a calculator and came up with this blog.

If you bought Calgary Real Estate at the top of the boom and are wondering what to do next, Joe's article may just be worth a read.

Until next time .


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So, I decided to change the name of the blog. The new name reflects a bit more of what I hope to write about. Although the last title was funny (my friends and I all had a good giggle) it gave me surprising little to write about, and didn't really reflect something I'm passionate about. Trust me, if there is one thing I am not passionate about, it's weight loss.

I think the new title will open up new doors for blog topics, and will interest the sort of reader I want to meet: people who are part of a family! I'm also planning on getting a bit more open about what's it's like to be an agent.

So welcome, once again, to the new blog with a new name, and a new vision. This is me: Rachel Vanderveen. You'll find me here, as candid as I can be about Calgary

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Bathrooms are a great area to spice up if you're looking to do a home renovation, but they can also be a money pit if you're not careful. As always, do not break the bank on high-end finishes if you're not in a neighbourhood that demands it, and even if you are, I'm still a fan of giving the appearance of high-end finishes, without the added costs. It can be done.

I've viewed a lot homes lately where people have chosen their bathrooms to express their personal creativity and painted the walls bright green, red or orange from top to bottom. Now, with the right designer on your side, this isn't always a bad idea, but if you don't have a design designation, I would seriously consider leaving your bathrooms a neutral shade. The reason for this

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