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January 2011

Found 2 blog entries for January 2011.

We were driving the kids to school this morning and we heard on 660 that net migration Alberta is up, up, up! This, of course, is wonderful news for Calgary Real Estate! I think we can all remember what the bigger factors in the boom of 2006 were!

So what happens when people migrate from other provinces into Alberta? Well, unemployment goes down as people look for jobs. Also, vacancy rates tend go down as well. But what happens to Calgary Real Estate? Well our supply goes down, which, in most cases, drives up the price of Calgary Real Estate!

So if you're an investor, I'm sure your heart is warming, and if you're one of those people who hasn't bought yet, you now have two reasons to look at buying a home in Calgary. The first is that net migration

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One of my favourite things to do is work with first time homebuyers. I think every Realtor would agree that first time home buyers in Calgary are sort of the "holy grail" of real estate clients. Especially a newly married couple! They're so young and happy. The energy they give off is almost tangible. Being part of helping them buy their first home is so much fun I can barely describe it.


I recently did a deal with one such couple who had a hand in changing the way I do business. They were flatly unimpressed with all the new homes in Calgary suburbia that I showed them. I was stumped. I pointed out the new carpets, flooring, furnace and roof, even a new home warranty! But it failed to "Wow" them. They kept bringing me back to homes closer to transit

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